Grand Lucayan tipping point for PM & FNM

The tenure of the present Free National Movement administration, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is at a critical point. Indeed, Dr. Minnis and his colleagues have reached that moment in time whereby their capacity to effectively manage the affairs of the Bahamian People is being seriously questioned.

How the government handles the purchase of the Grand Lucayan properties and the follow-up steps weigh heavily on the minds of Bahamians, especially those who reside in Grand Bahama.

Thus far, the government has seemed misguided, terribly so. On the watch of PM Dr. Minnis, uncertainty, and contradicting statements abound. He is piloting the FNM ship of state like an ill-equipped/prepared captain.
Of interest for instance, is the fact that Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguliar has emerged as the government’s point person for the official comments regarding the Grand Lucayan issue. This is the case even though he can’t possibly be expected to have the kind of vested obligation to the people of Grand Bahama, as does Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest.

What’s this business about D’Aguilar being apparently sent out front by Dr. Minnis on a matter such as the Grand Lucayan purchase, which is so significant to Grand Bahamians?

It’s a no-brainer that Turnquest should be the one connecting with Grand Bahamians mostly on this matter, if not the prime minister himself, or perhaps Senator Kwasi Thompson, the Minister of State in the Grand Bahama Office of the Prime Minister.

D’Aguilar in his functioning thus far, has seemed more clinical. We don’t see him as the right person at point on the Grand Lucayan project, going forward.

Why has Turnquest been placed in the background. One has to wonder about the timing of the recent grand tour of the Grand Lucayan properties. PM Dr. Minnis led a rather large delegation inclusive of government ministers and other government officials to Grand Bahama. Turnquest was not present. We understand he was travelling.
Why wasn’t the tour arranged for a time when he could be present?

Is he out of the picture?

If so, why?

This situation begs an answer. Up to this point the government has looked out of sorts, unsettled on just how to deal with the Grand Lucayan project, in the best interest of Grand Bahamians and the wider Bahamas.
PM Dr. Minnis has promised that when the House of Assembly goes back into session on Monday, September 17, a detailed report will be forthcoming from the government.

He was quoted in part, during the aforementioned tour as follows:
“We (Cabinet) return to parliament around September 17, at which time an exact report would be given to the nation outlining how the government arrived at this conclusion/decision (to buy the Grand Lucayan Resort and pay $10 million upfront), exactly what we are purchasing and how we intend to move forward.”

A nation waits to judge.

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