Govt. challenged to be transparent with documents

DR. HUBERT MINNIS Prime Minister

The People of The Bahamas have been fed very little details about the heads of agreement, and, purchase documents, signed jointly by respective representatives of The Government of The Bahamas, and, the Royal Caribbean/ITM Group investor partnership. The signings took place in Freeport on Monday, March 2 during a highly-touted ceremony.

The Government of The Bahamas, under the current Free National Movement administration, promised to be totally transparent. They pledged to allow the People of The Bahamas, full knowledge of its many undertakings, on their behalf.

It has become common knowledge that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and his Political directorate colleagues have not been forthcoming on all national issues.

We can use for example, situations that strike home to Grand Bahamians. We have not been given an update of the government’s position regarding the two-year-standing proposed Oban Energies oil refinery/storage project for East Grand Bahama.

The particulars about the Carnival Port development at Sharp Rock Point in East Grand Bahama, have not been fully divulged to the people.

Nor, have the entire HOA and purchase agreements that relate to the Grand Lucayan Resort, been made available for the people to digest. Prior to coming to political power in 2017, Prime Minister Dr. Minnis made a great case to the country that a national administrative change was essential because of the inconsistencies of the sitting government at the time, (the Progressive Liberal Party-PLP).

The PM-to-be made a very strong case about transparency.

That and other points were bought, hook, line and sinker by the general public and a May 10, 2017 elections rout subsequently ensued, (35-4 in favor of the Dr. Minnis-led Free National Movement-FNM).

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. It is the PLP that is, at this moment in time, clamoring for transparency, to which this FNM administration seems not of a mindset to comply, fully. Recently, PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis lashed out at the government and called for the release to the public of the full content of the HOA with Royal Caribbean/ITM Group.

Davis has a point.

Bahamians all over this country can relate to his request. The FNM might wish to have the public term regard Davis’s comments regarding transparency, as political rhetoric. The truth is however, a transparent order of business by the FNM central administration is something that PLPs, FNMs and neutral political observers can relate to.

Accordingly, The Freeport News, the leading Fourth Estate entity in Grand Bahama, challenges the Government of The Bahamas, through the GB Office of the Prime Minister, to live up to its promise of full transparency, as it handles the business of the Bahamian People.

The government, we say: Be transparent with the documents signed, in the interest of The Bahamian people!

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