Government urged to attend to bridge decisions promptly

It was akin to a solemn appeal.

All Bahamas Construction President Wolfgang Geiger, perhaps innocently touched on a problem with governments while being interviewed exclusively by The Freeport News this past Sunday.

Here is the meaningful quote that carries hope:

“We are on schedule so far as the government allows us to be on schedule. We are always working but we must wait on decisions.”

The red tape, lackadaisical, inefficient and unprofessional attitude that confront those who deal with government departments is very often, appalling and most discouraging. Contractors, investors, companies, individual businessmen and ordinary citizens, reaching out for what they are entitled to, are faced with delays due to the culture of our system of governance.

The situation is not related just to this present Free National Movement Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. This has been the business as usual approach of successive central administrations, over the last quarter of a century or so.

It stands to reason, without Geiger making pointed critical remarks, that without late decisions, the Fishing Hole Road Bridge would have been completed by now and in use for those connecting between Freeport and West Grand Bahama. Geiger and the project manager, Tadd Martin both confirmed to our reporter that, but for a few details, the bridge is finished.

The previous and present governments have done what their predecessors, going back over 40 years, failed to do, despite continuous promises. The low-lying area, at times of unusual high tides and flooding from rain, presents a grave problem for Grand Bahamians, especially those trying to get to residences in the west, while having to deal with hazardous conditions. On record, is a fatality. A man drowned trying to cross the flooded Fishing Hole Road.

So, we are at the point of, long last, when the infrastructure is in place. This is huge and both the present government and the former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Administration are to be complimented. They are partners in history.

So, let’s get the job fully completed.

According to Geiger and Martin, applying asphalt and paving; and installing handrails are immediate agenda works. Geiger, in fact, gave the clear impression that as soon as the materials needed, are on property, they would be put in place.

Government authorities are challenged to speed up the process of decision-making that relates directly to what Geiger, Martin and company have to do.

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