Glaring post Hurricane Dorian negatives in GB

REPAIRS NEEDED – Residents called for authorities to move quickly to make repairs to the Fishing Hole Road and newly constructed elevated causeway, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Today, we point out a couple of negatives which have hampered the general recovery of the island, following the deadly and devastating Hurricane Dorian of early September this year, in hopes, that those responsible, would step to the plate immediately.

The one usable road that connects Freeport to West Grand Bahama is in terrible shape and the central administration seems at a loss to address the matter sensibly. Some bright mind decided to put down quarry fill over the worst for wear section of the roadway, adjacent to the new, but not-yet ready to open Fishing Hole Road bridge.

What brilliance?

That’s rocket science thinking.

Of course, then the rain came and began doing what it does to quarry fill. Rain creates holes and washes away the fill.

We don’t claim to be all that brilliant, and neither do other Grand Bahamians. However, we harboured the thought that asphalt covering over the packed quarry fill would have been the appropriate way to make the long-time temporary Fishing Hole side road adequate, in order to better accommodate the many regular travelers in their vehicles, as well as the large number of heavy duty trucks/tractors from the industrial center and elsewhere.

So, it seems a really minor matter in the grand picture of Dorian destruction, has the Government of The Bahamas stumped.

It is a really noticeable and embarrassing negative that the government must take responsibility for. The Fishing Hole Road disrepair left by Dorian was one of those issues that the government should, and, could have handled weeks ago.

Another very large negative, this one a shortcoming of the private sector, is associated directly to the Grand Bahama International Airport. Driven by our Fourth Estate obligation to the people, we previously called out the owners of the airport for not yet following the lead of Western Air, in quickly mobilizing domestic and international sections.

We wish today, though, to point to another matter. There is a rather lengthy section of the taxiway for airplanes that was badly compromised by the ocean that came inland during Hurricane Dorian. Now, long weeks later, and the taxiway has not been repaired, to our knowledge.

The focus on the aforementioned negatives is to make a point on behalf of the people of Grand Baphama. The Government of The Bahamas; the quasi-government of Freeport, the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA); and companies with large holdings such as Hutchison Whampoa, are expected to lead the recovery process following disasters.

There are of course, the positives that are certainly connected to our government, the GBPA, and Hutchison. There is absolutely no intent here, to dilute relevant contributions, however the Fishing Hole Road and the airport sections noted, are omissions much too glaring, highly conspicuous, and we cannot ignore them.

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