GBPC to again lead island’s hurricane season preparation

2019 Hurricane Season

The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) is looked to, once again, to lead the hurricane season preparation on island. Every year, the GBPC utilizes The Freeport News, to put forth important safety and general hurricane-preparation information to bring about an awareness among the public.

 On occasions, the GBPC also has to field critical questions regarding billings, but it is important to acknowledge the wider scope of how it functions. The GBPC is beyond simply supplying electrical service. Specific GBPC personnel, each year, are focused on preparedness for disaster issues, equally as much as the restoration of power, when necessary.

Particularly over the last decade, the GBPC has been key to the island’s recovery from the visits of hurricanes, some more devastating than others. The GBPC stands ever-ready. This dedication is in evidence from top to bottom. Former General Manager Sarah McDonald personified the personal outreach during disaster times and that culture continues at the GBPC.

Our advertising department has disclosed that a schedule of hurricane tips will soon be forthcoming from GBPC’s public relations/marketing executive Cleopatra Russell. This initial connection with the public regarding measures to take at hurricane time, is timely indeed. Just this past weekend, we got an idea of what could result from the present hurricane season.

A tornado evolved out of an extreme weather system and flattened the tents and stage equipment at the South Fest location, at the entrance to Williams Town. There are predictions that we in Grand Bahama will have to withstand some serious weather conditions before the hurricane season ends on November 30.

The ever-present and vigilant GBPC makes one feel as comfortable as could be.

We seek, at The Freeport News, to give balance to situations. Today, we wish to put the GBPC in the spotlight for the good that it does. Resident are urged to pay attention to the tips that will be published in The Freeport News, and to address respective preparation initiatives for the hurricane season, accordingly.

The hurricane season is just more than a month old. We urge an alertness by all. We’d like to see substantive preparation efforts by the Government of The Bahamas and its main disaster arm, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), as well.

For now, though, there is full appreciation for the role the GBPC continues to play, in preparing island residents for the hurricane season.

Kudos to the GBPC!

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