GBPA Olympic Mural, talented artist Boss, worthy of high praise

The fantastic mural creation at the Settlers Way/Coral Road roundabout is yet another indication of the tremendous outreach of the Grand Bahama Port Authority GBPA) on this island. Of course, the Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA) dictates a heavy role to be played by the GBPA in virtually all aspects of Grand Bahamian Life.

 There are those occasions, however, when the GBPA steps a bit outside of the accepted box of responsibilities and comes up with something truly fascinating like the Olympic Mural that depicts four of our national sports heroes, Michael Mathieu, Demetrius Pinder (Grand Bahamians), Chris Brown and Ramon Miller.

 This captivating artistic gem is a throwback to the many features of Freeport that were quite magical. There it sits as a most compelling edifice, ideally located where residents and visitors can easily get a viewing. Significant is that that strip is used mostly by the taxi and tour drivers who transport tourists to and from the Grand Bahama International Airport.

The mural is worthy of high praise indeed. Featured are the luminaries who greatly enhanced the Bahamas Sports Brand in 2012 in London, England by capturing the gold medal in the 1600 meters relay at the Olympics. As we pay tribute to this marvelous structure, we are mindful to salute the creator Jacki Boss.

She is to be congratulated two-fold.

Firstly, for her workmanship at the outset, she is to be applauded. The degree of skill applied was something quite special. Her artistry can be favorably compared to murals seen all over the world.

 However, there is the follow-up expertise that was equally astounding. For some strange reason, one who obviously has no concept of true art, made an attempt at touching up the mural without first networking with artist Boss.

It was an outrageous act and served only to debase the mural.

In came Boss and tediously employed the kind of handiwork that restored the elegance of the great Olympic salute to the Golden Knights. Boss was observed meticulously recapturing the full glory of the mural. The artist would not have been aware of the admiring glances of folks who passed by, so focused was she on restoring the grace and sophistication of the mural. Boss was finesse personified as she worked. In the end she re-crafted something quite exquisite, extremely opulent, and yes, an artistic product that sparkles.
 Well done, Jackie Boss and the GBPA!

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