A GB sports perspective

Today, there is a departure from the usual subject matters in this space.

We thought to give focus to a bit of the “Grand Bahama Sports Perspective” through the person of Jonquel Jones.

This 24-year-old lady from Holmes Rock in West Grand Bahama, has emerged as one of the greatest sports figures in the history of this country. If Jones had been born a man, what she has accomplished would have catapulted her to heights attained by few natives of the Bahamian soil.

She is one of just two Bahamians (Incidentally the other is track star Shaunae Miller-Uibo who is history’s best over 200 meters straight) to presently own a major sports world record. During the 2017 season with the Connecticut Sun of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Jones climbed for 403 rebounds, the most ever achieved in a single season.

That’s phenomenal!

Along the way last season, she also ended up with the best rebound average, 11.8, another record.

So, there is this Bahamian from a modest settlement in Grand Bahama, who is the best ever in two prime departments of competition in basketball. We think it is important to reflect at times on these sorts of accomplishments. It gives balance to our very existence. What Jones has been able to achieve speaks to the significance of an aspect of our society that we don’t pay enough attention to.

It figures then, that if from the very top, the country’s governance, if the initiative came down the line to focus in a meaningful way on sports, there would be so many more young Bahamian boys and girls afforded the opportunities to become what Jones has, and beyond.

In the same light, so many who we have lost because they fell through the socials cracks of life, would have gone on to greatness or the very least, stable careers as adults.

This year, because of an unfortunate set of circumstances relating to her documents to remain and function in the United States, Jones missed all of her team’s pre-season and spent the regular season virtually out of the starting lineup.

However, as she did in her rookie season, Jones has been outstanding coming off the bench. A very strong 27-points 10-rebound night recently, cemented her status as one of the WNBA’s best players in general, and especially off the bench.

Thus, she is in line for the WNBA’s “Sixth Man (Woman) Award” when the accolades are given out following post-season play. Needless to say, the Sun team is in the play-off once again and the expectation is that our Jonquel Jones will be superb down the stretch and probably help guide her team to further prominence.

That’s our “Grand Bahama Sports Perspective” for today.

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