GB Power Company on notice

The economy in Grand Bahama continues to be a struggling one and is on the verge of instability. This is true. Significant factors point in that direction. Indeed, there is much uncertainty in the land. A huge problem for many residents is the cost of electricity.

Our source of electricity is the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC).

Thus, that company is on notice that the people of Grand Bahama need it to be a willing partner in easing the overall power service burden that is directly associated with the high cost of living.

In the Bahamas Senate recently, Minister of State in the GB Office of The Prime Minister, Senator Kwasi Thompson was diplomatic, but pointed, when he declared the following:

“One of the things that is vitally important for us to make Grand Bahama this technology hub, is to make sure that we are able to provide electricity at a commercially reasonable cost. It does not make sense to market and to bring in companies if we cannot provide electricity at a commercially viable cost for them,” said Senator Thompson.

The Minister of State’s foundation position, as indicated during his Senate presentation, was the trickle down affect in favor of regular consumers. Senator Thompson made the point that the more accommodating the GBPC is to incoming and existing companies the more business is likely to be generated and accordingly the power costs could be eased for all and sundry.

At the very least, Senator Thompson’s approach is worth being explored by the GBPC. We certainly share the view that the GBPC would do well to crunch its numbers whereby more cost-comfortable service could be provided.

Senator Thompson’s bold comments prove his, and the intent of the Government of the Bahamas through the GB Office of The Prime Minister, to get the best possible day-to-day environment mix for residents of this island.
That’s rich.

We are also encouraged by the senator’s disclosure that government representatives, no doubt he inclusive, are in discussions with the GBPC with a focus to give encouragement to restructure rates so that they are much more enticing to present and prospective companies, which would then be able to boost the island’s employment numbers in a meaningful way.

The GBPC is a stakeholder, a vital one in our society. All stakeholders are hereby challenged to reach deeply within their resources, in an effort to foster an economic bounce in Grand Bahama.

Let’s all work with Senator Thompson in this regard.

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