GB Power Company compares favorably with BPL in capital

Certain activists protest against the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) and its rates. Others express appreciation for an entity such as the GBPC, which provides reliable electrical service.

At times the GBPC and its regulator, the Grand Bahama Port Authority get targeted and bashed, for rates, some deem to be too high. Well, consumers in Grand Bahama, and even the most vociferous activists against the GBPC, need look no further than the capital island of New Providence for a great comparison.

In New Providence, sits the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), the source of electricity for the rest of the country. Grand Bahama is unique with its own power source, because of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

So, look at BPL and note the state of disenchantment which results because of the load shedding, the discomfort to many families who have to do without power for extended periods. Also, note the favourable difference in billing rates.

Without question, the GBPC is a better-managed organization. BPL continues to be plagued with personnel changes in upper management. Quite frankly, the BPL management has not seemed stable at all, in recent times, and the service has been inefficient. For years, consumers in New Providence have dreaded summer. That’s when the load shedding has been at its peak, leaving consumers uncomfortable for hours.

Presently, such is the case in New Providence with BPL.

Below is a statement from BPL:

“The load shedding of last week is due to the reality that BPL has, at present, insufficient generation available to meet the demand on the system. Demand has begun to increase toward the summer peak as is customary at this time of the year. We acknowledge the inconvenience and frustration this causes and assure all that we are committed to improving our ability to prevent load shedding and ensuring better customer service.”

Rather than cope with such circumstances, it’s obviously better to be dealing with the GBPC, in this island.

There are no perfect situations in this world, but in comparison to the BPL, the GBPC, functions remarkably well. The anti-activists will no doubt, be fuming over this presentation of the facts in comparing the two service providers, but the reality must be accepted.

When making the comparison, the GBPC comes out handsomely.

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