GB community project assists Abaco fire victims

The Mudd, a Haitian-populated shabby residential area in Abaco, our close northern island neighbor, was devastated by fire on Sunday. Some 60 homes in the shantytown, located downtown Marsh Harbour, were destroyed.

Throughout Sunday, no communication reached The Freeport News from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) representative department in Grand Bahama, but local community-minded individuals, through their companies, came together with an amazingly quick help-project.

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) and its Client Experience Vice President Eldri Ferguson-Mackey; Keith Rolle and Stop n’ Shop; Brian Smith of All Build; and Kingdom Worship Center International amassed items for transport into Abaco for affected residents.

Health care packages, clothing, portable stoves and generators were gathered.

This initiative is worthy of praise indeed. We compliment the Corporate Grand Bahama concerns that stepped to the plate with haste, quite handsomely, to an extraordinarily generous degree, after hearing about the development in Marsh Harbour.

Reports started filtering out of Abaco early on Sunday, around 7 a.m. and by mid afternoon, the GB community-minded group, with BTC’s organizational leadership, was on the move.

“At any given moment, it could be any of us. Not only as good corporate citizens, but as humans, we should always offer to be our brother’s keeper in time of need, especially at a time such as this, when persons would have lost everything. So without hesitation, my first reaction was to gather my team to determine how we could help,” said Ferguson-Mackey.

That quick thinking transitioned into a multi-group effort, inclusive of the aforementioned entities, that answered the call to help out the unfortunate residents of The Mudd.

It is laudatory that in Grand Bahama we can still rely on proactive mindsets, even when those who we pay salaries to, for them to perform national disaster duties on behalf of the government, who fail to respond with urgency.
On front page today, and page 8 and 9, grateful residents of the Mudd are pictured being assisted and the project team members are seen in action. We salute BTC and its Corporate Grand Bahama partners.

At the same time, we challenge NEMA and the other government departments that are responsible for providing assistance to help restore Bahamian communities following disasters.
Get with it!

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