FNMs in GB seek to regain edge

Tonight two major political rallies are scheduled. Indeed, the two major political forces in the country will have their representatives and supporters rallying as the Free National Movement machinery on the island seeks to regain the momentum from a revived Progressive Liberal Party organization.

A month ago, the PLP in Grand Bahama seemed dead in the water. Michael Pintard, Iram Lewis and Frederick McAlpine, in Marco City, Central Grand Bahama and Pineridge respectively, were off and running for the FNM and providing collectively, a great presence for the Official Opposition party.

The view held here at the time, was that the PLP with no adjustment made would be able to count on just the one seat, West Grand Bahama/Bimini. However three Fridays ago, a massive motorcade/rally galvanized PLPs throughout the island and ever since, the governing party, bolstered by appearances of its leader, Prime Minister Perry Christie, has looked vibrant.

This evening, at the old Portion Control location, downtown Freeport, PLPs will gather. On the other hand, FNMs will return to the old bowling alley area, off East Sunrise, the scene of a huge turnout some two weeks ago.

It is almost like a game of basketball.

The FNM in GB dominated the first half of the campaign and led by some 30 points with two quarters remaining. We are now in the middle of the third quarter and the PLP has climbed back into the game. The team that can call on the best clutch sharpshooters and is generally tougher will have the momentum going into the fourth quarter in hopes of closing out the victory.

It is our view that tonight will be a good gauge for what is to come. Numbers don’t always matter, but in the recent case of Donald Trump on his road to the United States’ presidency, the large audiences he commanded on the campaign trail followed true to form in voting.

So, both parties will want to show strength in numbers.

At the present, random views solicited by us, give the FNM a 3-2 edge here in Grand Bahama, that’s down from 4-1 not too long ago. In truth, there has been a PLP resurgence. Whereas PLPs seemed intimidated and quiet not too long ago, now they are emboldened.

PLPs have confidence.

They are encouraged by the recent showings of support and there are even a few who are bold enough to predict that it is the PLP that will win four seats rather than the FNM.

Yesterday, 2017 Nomination Day, did nothing to change the present perspective.

We believe that tonight will be a defining point for GB politics in this general elections cycle.

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