FNM has Much to do in final half of year

The Free National Movement Government will be had pressed to address the many national issues it has responsibility for, to the satisfaction of the majority of the Bahamian people.

Polls regarding the overall performance of the government are not in its favor. We’ve taken some random polls here at The Freeport News and for the most part, those who are not disappointed, are uncertain. FNM supporters have expressed disappointment it is from this backdrop that, in Grand Bahama, the government has whole lot to do if it is to impress the voters who gave overwhelming support over a year ago in May of 2017.

None of the capital works, left ongoing by the previous Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government have the look of being finished in 2018. We refer to the junior high school in Holmes Rock, West Grand Bahama; the administrative complex in Eight Mile Rock; the Fishing Hole Road Bridge; and the Smith’s Point Sea Wall project.

It is complimentary that none of the projects were stopped. There was a new assessment done regarding the Smiths Point Sea Wall, but work commenced anew relatively shortly after the FNM Government won control of the country. Worked never stopped on the junior high school, the administrative center or the bridge.

It’s over a year of governance by the Dr. Hubert Minnis FNM, and Grand Bahama is still not trending as promised. Tale away the GIBC Digital presence and the government has little to show for all of the grand promises made to the voters prior and after general elections day, May 10 of 2017.

A tour of the aforementioned, indicate that the completion time lines appear to be outside of 2018.

There is too, the atrocious situation of the fire station on Settlers Way. Completed before the PLP lost office, the FNM has not had the capacity to open the facility. It’s quite strange that a completed state of the art building is still not functional.

Then of course, there are other major concerns for Grand Bahamians.

Government information regarding The Grand Palm Beach/Ginn project sounds positive. The Grand Lucayan purchase deal and the Oban Energies oil refinery/storage investment however look shaky.

At the moment, the government is really under the gun in Grand Bahama.

There is much to be done, with less than six months left in 2017.

The government will have to step smartly if the year-end grade is to be noteworthy.

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