FNM Govt. expected to adjust PLP projects

The matured level of politics that is being ushered in by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is quite refreshing. No bitterness is attached to his approach to a continuance of the governance that is now fully his responsibility.

Moved to the sidelines, or invited to take leave have been only those personnel in government agencies, linked to controversies. Known supporters of the Progressive Liberal Party who did their jobs in a transparent manner and avoided the questionable activities and partial attitudes are still functioning as per normal.

The Urban Renewal Department will continue, but under a different ministry. Now, instead of the Ministry of Works, Urban Renewal is attached to the Ministry of Social Affairs. There will be adjustments however to foster complete transparency and a better structure of the ongoing works. Those being assisted by Urban Renewal will be listed, all of them, along with the scopes of refurbishment or new construction detailed.

There will not be any questions regarding who is on the government’s payroll via Urban Renewal and just where they are functioning. Of course, everyone who draws a salary will have a portfolio and will be monitored to ensure that equal work is being given for the pay.
We emphasize the aforementioned not to suggest any impropriety under the past government. However there was so much of the people’s money being spent that was not explained and transparently reconciled.

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) will not be disbanded. The institution will indeed continue under the new government and funds will be allocated in comparison to the day-to-day costs to ensure efficiency. There will however, not be any open-ended negotiations on behalf of the People of The Bahamas. There will be no loose ends such as the lack of insurance coverage for construction phases.

There is no hint as yet of the administration of PM Dr. Hubert Minnis functioning as did the previous Free National Movement Government that stopped, reviewed and canceled many projects put in place by the PLP Government it succeeded.

Transparency is the key area of adjustment the new government will pay full attention to. That’s what has been promised to the people of The Bahamas. The mantra “It’s The People’s Time” carried Dr. Minnis and the Free National Movement to a supreme mandate.

The voters will insist on the government operating at all times with the people, uppermost in the mindset of the political leaders. That’s why it just makes good sense to carry on with the meaningful projects that were left in place by the previous government.
However, there must be adjustments for the better.
The voters demand as much.

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