FNM Government taking gradual steps at Lucayan

The Government of The Bahamas, through its subsidiary, the Lucayan Renewal Holdings Company, is making very small steps in addressing the pressure to be a viable owner of the Grand Lucayan Properties.

Having purchased Grand Lucayan from Hutchison Whampoa, the government now is obligated to maintaining the market value, in hopes of being able to sell to some buyer, sooner than later. In that regard, the decision has been made to allocate $3.5 million to renovating targeted sections of the complex.

We hold the view that the government should bite the bullet and put at least $100 million into the Grand Lucayan, in order to get about 100 rooms suitable for guests, and also a lounge and restaurant at the Breakers Cay Hotel.

The strong position here is that there should be an all-out effort on the part of the government to function with Grand Lucayan in a manner that would put scores of Grand Bahamians back to work, thus adding a meaningful amount of salaries to the island’s economy. However, the decision makers are not for that option.

Apparently, the Cabinet of The Bahamas and the point individuals at Lucayan Renewal Holdings are convinced that the way to go at this time, is just to concentrate on sprucing up the Lighthouse Pointe, the Convention Centre and the Lucayan Reef Golf Course.

That’s a plus, but the government has not gone far enough, we submit.

Therefore, we continue to make the case that the avenue for the accommodation of jobs, should be a priority. Strangely enough, putting jobs up for grabs is at the bottom of the government’s priority list.

An explanation is due.

Why is the government not insisting that Lucayan Renewal Holdings company start the process of opening up job positions?  

Why is there no interest at the moment in opening at least, one lounge, a restaurant and about 100 rooms at Breakers Cay?

Scores of Lounge, restaurant and housekeeping workers would be needed. Then, the government would be meaningfully empowering Grand Bahamians. What’s going on now, is indeed an enhancement of the property, but there is no inclusion of the GB workforce outside of renovation work, which would be for a limited period, only.

We acknowledge that the works committed to, for the Grand Lucayan is necessary.

The steps are small though and at this pace, it doesn’t look as though the government will be fully putting the Grand Lucayan into the expanded, substantive job market anytime soon.

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