FNM should focus on transforming Majority Rule Day

Tomorrow is Majority Rule Day!

Under the Progressive Liberal Party Government, in 2014, January 10th became established as a holiday called Majority Rule Day.

It’s etched in stone.

That’s what it is.

It was on January 10, 1967 that The Bahamas attained Majority Rule. That is governance by those representing the masses.

The advent of Majority Rule was symbolic of new socio/economic opportunities for Bahamians who were once not able to enjoy full participation in every aspect of Bahamian life. That first Majority Government consisted of parliamentarians, for the most part, who were Black Bahamians.

This is the case with today’s Free National Movement Government and the three previous FNM administrations, also. Yet the FNM never warmed up to the idea of celebrating Majority Rule or the actual holiday when it finally came on stream.

It is the view here, that the PLP politicized the Majority Rule platform. It was easy to get the impression that the PLP wanted to take full ownership of the Majority Rule battle and the holiday. Ironically one of the last remaining, living patriarchs of the Majority Rule fight, Maurice Moore, has been divorced from the PLP for decades.

He is totally FNM.

Majority Rule Day is significant to, and for him, and many other Bahamians who do not support the PLP.

We think the time has come for the FNM to transform Majority Rule Day into an occasion which all Bahamians are made to feel comfortable celebrating. Much like the Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, when some white men and women gave full support, in The Bahamas, the PLP also got assistance from some on the other side of the racial divide.
It is fitting that there is a Majority Rule Holiday.

The day though should be fashioned in a manner, going forward, for all Bahamians to feel proud about the turn of events that led to the highest level of democracy in the land.

This is the first Majority Rule Day following the May 10, 2017 general elections victory and there is a whole lot on the FNM plate. However, it would certainly be appropriate, for this FNM Government to take the lead in crafting the future Majority Rule Days more to the full acceptance of the people.

There are four years left to tailor Majority Rule Day so that no longer, would one sector of the people be able claim ownership to such a historic occasion.

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