Fishing Hole Road bridge now a reality

FISHING HOLE ROAD bridge a reality

The new bridge has been paved. The fishing Hole Road has been transformed and it appears to be the wonderful connecting edifice two central administrations hoped for. The former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government broke ground for the project in December of 2015.

The Project was then earmarked to be complete in January of 2017. The then Prime Minister Perry Christie had a lot of praise for his Minister for Grand Bahama, Dr. Michael Darville. The GB government minister was applauded for his focus on the elevated causeway. The idea was to make travel from and to West Grand Bahama less dangerous at times of abnormal tidal flow and hurricanes.

Needless to say, as was the case with a number of major projects in Grand Bahama, the PLP did not achieve completion before the general elections of 2017. The Free National Movement continued the process and it now looks like the project that was to officially open under the PLP in early 2017, will now, finally be put to use, relatively soon.

There is though, a very important matter that must be addressed.

The government through the Ministry of Works is tasked with making travel comfortable, not hazardous. There is the temporary thoroughfare, fashioned to allow the passage of vehicles while the bridge was under construction. The roadway is very narrow and it is indeed fortunate that there has been just one accident.

What’s to happen with the interim road?

How will the bridge entrance and the exit be structured to easily accommodate the flow of traffic?

If the temporary strip is to remain available to some traffic, what then happens when there is a surge of the creak?

Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Works, Iram Lewis, an engineer by profession, once expressed uncertainty as to what would happen underneath the bridge when the water rises above the low road level.

That continues to be a big question mark.

The government, through Lewis or the substantive Minister of Works, Desmond Bannister, should have an explanation to pass on to the public.  With the bridge in its final stages of completion, now is the time to speak to the possibilities and how the government plans to combat tidal surge problems. Hopefully, Bannister, Lewis and others have worked through the problem areas and have the solutions.

Nevertheless, it is good that through respective central administrations, the long-yearned-for bridge is a reality.

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