Fishing Hole connection still an issue

Fishing Hole Road Bridge

Nearly three full years since coming to power, the Fishing Hole artery, the main connection between East and West Grand Bahama, is still a major issue for the Free National Movement (FNM) Government, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Indeed, one of the conceivably “doable” matters has been a problem for this government.

In recent times, traffic, going between the two sectors of the island, have been shifted from the low-level roadway to the bridge, sometimes the condition for both, making travel barely possible.

It’s a shameful situation that the government has seemed unable to get a grip on, despite many promises of it being appropriately addressed. Often, since Hurricane Dorian passed and damaged both the bridge and the lower roadway, those negotiating the Fishing Hole connection have had horrid uneven sections of the bridge and the road to deal with, whichever was not blocked off.

Motorists have had to cope with a snail’s pace, and, have complained of taking up to a whole hour to get from one side to the other.

Alas, at the start of this week, heavy equipment work was started once again. Hopefully, and finally, the government will properly pave both the bridge and the low-level road, to afford drivers great easement to commute.

As is often the case, those representing the government in this instance, have failed to communicate any time lines regarding the work in progress, or the full scope.

Will, as has been the usual, the work include just quarry levelled, to be partly washed away at the first rainfall, thus rendering the roadway in the same state as before?

Could it be that finally, the government would direct that both routes be paved in an efficient manner?

Unfortunately, with our political leaders, one never knows whether the logical approach will be taken.

It is quite clear, that much of the complaints that this FNM Government (when in opposition) had about the derelict ways of the previous Progressive Liberal Party Government, are in order today.

Grand Bahamians and the rest of the country, are simply, now at the mercy of a group, with another name, but similar style of operation.

Thus, it stands to reason that if this FNM Government does not begin to operate differently, it will suffer the same fate, as did the PLP.

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