Dr. Minnis needs to take control of FNM narrative

It appears as though he is either incapable of reining in those who taint the image of the FNM, he doesn’t quite understand the damage they are causing, or he is simply unable to control the narrative of the party.

The debacle House Speaker Halson Moultrie has orchestrated with a heavy-handed, distasteful mannerism was cemented as justified, when one after one, FNM House of Assembly Members stood up and supported him. In essence, it seemed as though they condoned his actions and his verbal utterings.

In an actual juvenile demonstration, FNMs lathered Speaker Moultrie with praise. They did not, at least, in a noticeable manner, disassociate themselves from the Speaker’s remarks, seemingly pointed at the wife of Official Opposition and Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis.

FNMs did not distance themselves from innuendos that seemed to target Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell. There were chuckles. It looked like the FNMs were having fun as they listened to the Speaker. The same scenario existed when MICAL Member of Parliament Miriam Emmanuel led listeners to believe that she was suggesting some forms of violence against women are acceptable.

It was an embarrassing time for the governing party.

Despite being replete with members considered intellectuals, respectful of women and advocates of decency, it was a sorry day for the group led by Prime Minister Dr. Minnis.

The buck stops with Dr. Minnis.

As long as he is the leader of the FNM, the good doctor has to take full responsibility for what goes on under his watch. In less than one year after trampling the PLP at the polls the FNM, led by Dr. Minnis, has hit a disastrous stretch. Dr. Minnis will need to negotiate the party through this shameful period. What Speaker Moultrie and MP Emmanuel did was degrading. MP Emmanuel was demeaning to women.

Speaker Moultrie maligned the high chair in the House of Assembly.

They have denigrated the FNM brand. It would be a huge mistake for Dr. Minnis to leave it to the Speaker to resolve this dicey national issue. Moultrie functions in the domain of the Speaker much the same way he played basketball, without finesse, inclined more to use brute force.

For him, on the court, it was brawn rather than brain.

In this instance, Speaker Moultrie should quit being defensive. He should bite the bullet. He should apologize and allow the House of Assembly to return to order.

Dr. Minnis should have a lengthy discussion with Speaker Moultrie. They need to avoid more adversity.

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