Down to wire battle in GB

It’s down to the wire for the two prominent political parties in Grand Bahama. Indeed, in Grand Bahama there are only two distinguishable battle lines. The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is just not connecting this time around. That’s a view we share with many. The DNAs and the independent minded candidates will be hard-pressed to retain their nomination deposits.

On nomination day, last Thursday, the DNA had a bit of a presence, but the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Official Opposition Free National Movement (FNM) stood tall with their supporters and enthusiasm.

The only real question that relates to voting in Grand Bahama, is just which of the two top parties will end up with the majority of seats. The feeling is getting stronger, that how goes Grand Bahama so would the rest of the country. It figures then that the party with the majority of seats in Grand Bahama will be the next government of the country.

On Friday past, two monumental outpourings of support were inspired by the PLP and the FNM. This was manifested in the thousands that gathered at the respective rally locations, at the old bowling alley area for the FNM and the old portion control property for the PLP.

We have viewed aerial shots of both events and quite frankly they were two blockbuster affairs. The evidence is clear that the GB political race will be a tight one to the very finish. The PLP and the FNM have been capable of galvanizing their supporters across the length and breadth of the island.

Although there are some lackluster candidates and others who have not quite capitalized on opportunities, it is appearing as though the individual constituency operations might not be the biggest factor. We believe the voters will walk party lines and despite a number of them being disillusioned for various reasons, few will opt to stay on the sidelines or cross over.

Following today, 15 days are left before the general elections. The party that sells its message best will prevail in Grand Bahama.

What are those messages?

On the surface, the FNM’s rallying cry “It’s the people’s Time” is appropriately timed. There are a lot of Bahamians suffering, and Grand Bahama has its portion of the disadvantaged, socially and economically. When one listens to complaints, particularly from parents who are striving to care for their young, there is general dissatisfaction with how the government has been performing. The truth is that this government of Perry Christie has been criticized by FNMs for the most part, but strong PLPs as well.

The PLP campaign focus is the pledge to take Bahamians “forward” to a better future.

It will come down to, just who is most believable.

Down to the wire they go!

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