Decaying society

Our society is decaying. We are, in fact, deteriorating as a people, well beyond the pace that many would agree to. The nation is festering, and at the risk of being accused of prophesying “fire and brimstone,” we present the view that at this rate, our nation is in danger of perishing.

An incident that went viral recently, sent a message to the world of what is allowable in this, our Bahamian society. Social media was captivated by a video (with audio) of a woman in dire distress, being molested and treated as if she was a mere hunk of meat. The scene unfolded in broad daylight on a public roadway.

It was most degrading, this woman on the ground, helpless, and based on the video which vividly displayed what was happening to her, unable to give any resistance whatsoever.

A more appalling scene, we venture to submit, was never before associated with The Bahamas. The act itself was dreadful, rotten and unbecoming of Bahamians. However, even more distressing was the fact that there were witnesses who did not go to the rescue of the woman. Sadly, this is what our society has evolved to.

Where is the moral fortitude this nation was noted for?

We were once a people, generally, with the strength of character that compelled us, al,l to act in a moral way. There was the time, when even those men who allowed themselves to become inebriated, sobered up quickly when the moment arrived to be chivalrous.

Yes, we once lived in a nation of chivalry. Of course, there were always the odd balls, but for the most part women were respected and held up in an honorable manner. We were not a people who sat around or stood idly by, while a woman was being physically abused in the most disgraceful of ways.

One needed to be careful, once ago, about speaking ill of a woman in public. Now, for the world to see, in The Bahamas what went viral, is now a part of the character of our beloved nation.

Where is the outrage?

Where are the ministers of the gospel who are so up to the task when it comes to planning, arranging and carrying out major protests against gaming, etc.? Why have they not publicly decried the act of a daughter of the soil being molested in full view of onlookers?

What about the politicians?

Who has come forward to speak out against such a heinous, barbarous, degenerate act?

Those who lead in this society, and others who aspire to do so, have an obligation to rise up against all that is outrageous. There has been alarming silence.

Is it that what happened to the woman in question, has become kind of acceptable in our society?

Is that why there is no outrage?

Well, we say to all: Beware the Wrath of God!

The Bahamas is a decaying society indeed.

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