Cornish urged to examine GB regatta plan

One of the points of interest that jumped out from the exclusive interview The Freeport News got with new City of Freeport Administrator Don Cornish, was his reference to regattas.

He spoke of his experience as a regatta committee stalwart member in the past, as he was interviewed by our Jaimie Smith.
“Regattas are very expensive. I served on a committee as vice president and I can tell you, having to raise more than $100,000 for a regatta in the Family Islands, where you have little commerce is virtually an impossibility, but it happens somehow,”said Cornish. Well, it is good to hear of the success he has had with regattas in the less affluent islands.

Our regatta that is staged at Taino Beach, has not been a quality product for quite some time. There is no intent here to be critical of those who have been responsible for the organization of the Grand Bahama Regatta in recent times. To be blunt, however, the event just has not caught on. It is not that popular here in GB and is indeed far removed from the vibrant regattas, which boost economies greatly in other islands of the countries, annually.

The regatta is an item that could be phenomenal for Grand Bahama. If organized properly and and crafted in a manner that enables it to connect substantively with the residents, the financial windfall would be similar to what happens in other areas of the country, or even greater. Indeed, our regattas have been disappointments when compared with what goes on elsewhere in the country.

So, it would be good, if while in the Administrator’s chair in the most prominent Local Government District in Grand Bahama, the City of Freeport, Cornish brings his insight and experience in regattas to the table. He has proven to be enthusiastic and strong on work ethics in past Local Government positions in various island locations.

We urge him to put ‘addressing the regatta situation in GB’ on his priority list.

Administrator Cornish has confidence in his ability to perform.

We throw the regatta challenge to him.

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