Christie’s lateness caused downfall

It was an omen of something coming, that former Prime Minister Perry Christie would not like.
He was true to form.

Christie reportedly was not in position to cut the Independence Cake. After waiting for a bit, Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General, asked Dr. Hubert Minnis, then only carrying the Free National Movement Leader title, to cut the cake.

Dr. Minnis took over for PM Christie on that occasion and has now been given control of the country by the voters.

In Grand Bahama there are five capital works that Dr. Minnis, now as prime minister, will host the ribbon cutting for, instead of Christie. Yes, governance is definitely supposed to be ongoing.

If not for the tendency of his government to be late though, Christie would have been the one holding fort at the official opening of the Grand Bahama Fire Station on Settler’s Way, the Smith’s Point Sea Wall, the Fishing Hole Bridge, the junior high complex as well as the administrative project in West Grand Bahama.

Christie and some of his former government colleagues would no doubt be inclined to blame Hurricane Matthew of October 2016 for the delays. We hasten to point out that in each case, initial announcements were made in enough time for all of the projects to be completed prior to May 10, 2017.

However, such was governance under Perry Christie. His lateness, as well as other ways in which he led, became overbearing for the people and they ousted him. So, the ball is now in the court of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. A honeymoon period must be afforded the Cabinet of The Bahamas.

In the not too distant future, there will be expectations for time lines on the completion of the Smith’s Point Seawall, the Fishing Hole Bridge and the major construction projects in West Grand Bahama. The GB Fire Station is another matter. The official opening was slated for shortly before the general elections. Christie was unable to best schedule himself during the winding down days of the campaign.

So, that responsibility falls to Dr. Minnis.

He needs to show the capacity to be more of a prompt prime minister, on time for all events, particularly those that directly impact the lives of the Bahamian people. Indeed, it is vital that Dr. Minnis learn from the mistakes made by his predecessor.

A nation is depending upon Dr. Minnis to pay closer attention to details as prime minister than was the case with Christie.

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