Bethel-Moss moving on after excellent stint at GB Tourism

There are those stakeholders who are essential to the continued collective effort towards recapturing some of the magical atmosphere once characteristic of Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama, in yesteryear.

Betty Bethel-Moss, who headed the Ministry of Tourism Office in Grand Bahama, is on the move, we understand. Very soon, we have been told, the Bahamas Tourism Office in Plantation, Florida, will benefit from the high level of professionalism that is synonymous with Bethel-Moss.

In recent years, she has been a significant presence at events and programs that showcased the island of Grand Bahama. In many instances, she has been the catalyst behind island activities of the direct local variety, as well as events associated with foreign partners.

Through GB Tourism, Bethel-Moss led a number of initiatives and gave meaningful support otherwise. Without a doubt, Bethel-Moss is a tourism administrative gem, but understanding of the importance of broadening her office’s outreach into the sports/tourism market, foreign and local, further emphasized just how vital she was in her role.

It must be acknowledged that Grand Bahama has lost a lot of its glitter. In the House of Assembly just yesterday, Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar lamented the decrease in tourism numbers for Grand Bahama. Sports Tourism, however, has stayed rather solid.

Bethel-Moss’s tourism leadership has been responsible for heightening the sports tourism outlook in Grand Bahama, particularly from a domestic perspective. During her stint as GB Chief of the country’s leading industry, the sport of golf, that has had a historic connection to tourism, mushroomed again as a significant player on the scene. GB Tourism, under Bethel-Moss, figured prominently in several tournaments that came on stream.

In the City of Freeport, out in West Grand Bahama and East Grand Bahama, Bethel-Moss projected the tourism brand, easily networking, with community, organizational, civic, sports and business leaders. Indeed, her hands were extended in partnership for the cause of promoting the island, in all directions of Grand Bahama.

Bethel-Moss’ personable demeanor was an important factor as she negotiated her way through in-house meetings, sessions with tourism partners; coordinated activities; and provided support for those affairs partly-sponsored by GB Tourism.

Best wishes to Bethel-Moss as she embarks upon this new career (tourism) road.

She will be missed.

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