Ambitious undertaking by GBPA

The Grand Bahama Port Authority and its Building/Development Services Department have embarked upon a tough assignment, an effort to give Freeport a cleaner look.

Derelict buildings are too much of a presence in the city once known for his magical and pristine environment. It is gallant indeed that the GBPA has taken on the responsibility of demolishing the atrocities and while the road ahead on this initiative is a long one, praise is due.

There will, of course, be those who will point out that based on the Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA), the GBPA is obligated to rid the city of all of the dilapidated buildings.

Well, there is a lot more to the issue. We are a country of laws and there are procedures that sometimes become complicated. It is good, nevertheless, that the situation is now being addressed and hopefully there will be continuity until all of Freeport looks good again.

Our lead story on Thursday morning captured the essence of what the GBPA is doing on its island-wide clean-up program. There was a tractor demolishing the old Professional Plaza on Pioneer’s Way.

The building was one of the great eyesores that taint the city these days. Eliminating all of them is an incredibly tall order.

According to the GBPA Director Rupert Hayward, though, in time, the goal will be accomplished with assistance from other stakeholders.

“Today’s demolition of the Professional Plaza is a continuation of an island-wide clean-up initiative, which has been intensified. Engaging in projects, such as this is very important and the Grand Bahama Port Authority is happy to fulfill its responsibilities in demolishing the eyesores. However, we are very conscious that such efforts take stakeholders in Grand Bahama working together to get our city up and running again, as it should,” Hayward was quoted.
Inclusive of the professional Plaza, the clean-up project led by the GBPA has demolished some 20 buildings.

The Freeport News offers encouragement and extends best wishes to the GBPA and partners as they seek to bring full restoration to Freeport.

We, at the same time, throw out the challenge to residents and visitors to refrain from adding to the problem by dumping old hardware and electronic equipment indiscriminately. We appeal to the public to desist from the terrible habit of littering, bottles, cans and paper. Indeed some motorists and passengers, without any semblance of pride, throw items out of moving vehicles onto the roadways and into bushes.

All and sundry should buy fully into the enterprising clean-up venture.

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