Action should follow awareness of bridge issues

IRAM LEWIS, Member of Parliament, Central GB

The appropriate action should definitely follow the government’s acknowledged awareness of new areas of focus, regarding the completion of the Fishing Hole Road Bridge, and safety measures related to that primary connection for people of West Grand Bahama to the city of Freeport.

It is challenging to address all of the necessary items of interest, as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Iram Lewis, has admitted. The important adjustments must be done, however.

For almost two years, quite frankly, those using the temporary strip of road at the Fishing Hole location, dodged bullets. Both ends of the strip required full attention and efficient maneuvering to avoid accidents. Particularly, entering from the Freeport side, resulted in the need for extreme care and vigilance regarding traffic coming from the west.

The Grace of God was ever present for the motorists. His Guidance enabled motorists to negotiate the tight area safely, despite it being an actual danger zone.

It thus behooves the government and its representatives to stop tempting fate. The present situation represents a severe risk which ought to be attended to. Lewis has indicated that plans for the adjustments are being made, but one has to wonder about the lack of an earlier oversight.

The government is now in an urgent mode to deal with the safety issues relevant to the Fishing Hole Road Bridge, when the pros and cons should long have been contemplated. There was full knowledge that a cultural/fishing village was essential to the remake of the Fishing Hole Road complex.

It follows then that the government should have had its respective teams operating accordingly, collaborating and adhering to construction time lines that made sense. The free National Movement Government met the bright-coloured wooden buildings of the proposed Cultural Village in place.

Yet, the actual bridge project went on, virtually in isolation.

Now, it appears a separate entrance has to be made for motorists to safely access the cultural/fishing village, proposed to be located southwest of the bridge. The new entrance will have to be elaborate, able to accommodate also, motorists from the west, wanting access to the village.

The Fishing Hole Road Bridge is indeed a reality, but there is an urgency to deal with pressing relating matters, that deal directly with safety.

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