Stick with the decision

Dear Readers,

Having people in our lives is essential for healthy growth and development. We need each other to survive. In certain activities, such as social evenings, movie nights and physical exercises, having others along tend to add more amusement and fun to the occasions.

I have learned over time, however, not to develop a liking for any activity for which I am not prepared to stand alone. In fact, I take it a step further; I am always resolved to ride solo, with any decision I make.

When I was in graduate school, I had a unique experience. I was a student in a class with a professor who was not very fond of me. This dislike was probably borne out of the fact that she had a knack for ‘tossing’ out controversial statements, and I had a tendency of challenging her.

This antic caused me the only ‘B’ grade I have on my transcript. I was not very thrilled about this action and shared my feelings with a fellow classmate. My classmate remarked to me, “We all think it; you say it. Therefore, you get into trouble.”

In listening to the talk shows this past week, it is clear to me that Bahamians are torn about the prime minister’s (Dr. Hubert Minnis) decision to open our borders to the students of Dominica. The yeas and nays were equally weighted, until Reverend Frederick McAlpine spoke in Parliament.
Interestingly, many people seemed relieved after this speech. As I continued listening to the talk shows, it appeared as if the Member of Parliament for Pineridge, had said what many people were thinking, but felt they could not say.

While I think that it is admirable for us to assist the regional country of Dominica, and support our welcoming and accommodating the students, what is equally concerning to me, is people’s reluctance, or inability to be real to self about this position. A decision should be made after prayerful consideration and strong convictions, concurrent with facts to support a position.
More importantly, it is crucial to stand by that decision.

We realize that it is human nature to be afraid, or unprepared, to render an opinion, or view, on controversial topics; but I think it is defective to support a popular view, just to avoid being victimized, ridiculed, or ostracized. Good, bad, or indifferent, we are more respected when we decide and stick with the decision! It shows consistency, strength and courage.

I applaud Reverend McAlpine for having the tenacity to say what others chose not to say (no surprise here); ultimately, mentally ‘freeing’ many people. Conversely, I condemn the wavering minds and silent tongues! Be true to you.

Dr. Pam
Point to Ponder: I prefer to be real and restricted, rather than fake and famous.
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