An unheralded Bahamian Sportsman

John Nathaniel Ferguson ‘Songbird’ ‘Fergie’

Dear Editor,

Surprisingly, he was not blessed with extraordinary athletic ability yet, John Nathaniel Ferguson made use of himself to represent the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in two separate sporting disciplines over time, volleyball and rugby.

The incorporation of the limited physical gifts that he did possess is a testament to John’s will power, his fortitude and dedication to hard work. To his family, he was ‘Songbird’ as he was always a cheerful person, who did not see a microphone that he would challenge or an opportunity to embrace a gathering with his singing. These traits and attributes are what the SAC Class ’69 are familiar with as its members celebrate Fergie’s lie with his family, love ones and friends.

The Class ’69 marveled at John having represented the country in two different sports. An astronomical feat that is not common anywhere around the world. We fully recognized that his involvement in sports epitomized much of the character of ‘Fergie.’

His tenacity was on display as he roamed the back line in volleyball, this though with much finesse. In fact, he was acknowledged as a sterling defender. His unselfishness and team first attitude were exhibited thru his passing and setting abilities, a total willingness and commitment to sacrificing himself.

In rugby, the rough ‘n tumble side of the man was on display; he was by no means ‘Songbird’ on the pitch. The watch word around the field was – ‘Don’t go John’s way, if you don’t wish to get hit hard or get hurt.’ Broken leg, broken nose, fractured ankle were the trophies of his fearlessness. Our classmate was a true competitor by heart.

‘Songbird,’ the pet name coined by his family and friends, reflected another side of John Nathaniel Ferguson. He was outgoing, amicable and entertaining. He was the life of the party. His singing exploits would come into play, whether it was at some place when we were out of town, at a wedding, a party or any other festive occasion.

Fergie took comfort in lightening the air and keeping everyone happy. His voice was the instrument of love for us all.

The Class ’69 wishes to extend its heartfelt condolences to the entire family and friends of John Ferguson. The joy that he brought us and the proud moments we were able to share are boundless. He will forever be on our minds and in our hearts.

Rest Fergie, rest ‘Songbird!’

~ Sharon ‘The General’ Storr

A Classmate & Teammate Class ‘69

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