Youth exposed to championing and elevating their self-esteem

SELF CHECK – Guidance Counselor, Pastor Wayne Carey hosted a seminar on March 9 at the Whole Man Christian Centre, geared toward exposing young people to the importance of high self-esteem. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Battling self-esteem issues is an area of one’s personal development that many combat on a daily basis; however, it is one that remains prevalent among children and teens.

With a wealth of knowledge on the topic, Guidance Counselor, pastor Wayne Carey hosted a seminar on March 9 at the Whole Man Christian Centre, geared toward exposing young people to the importance of high self-esteem.

During the seminar, Carey exposed participants to learning the difference between a high self-esteem versus a high ego, learning the most effective way to build belief and self-confidence in children, as well as to understand the antidote to self-talk.

This daily had the opportunity to speak with Carey, during the sessions, who shared the importance of teaching the youth the significance of knowing their worth.

“This is an event geared toward elevating young people and their self-esteem. Understanding and working with kids for over 20 years, as a youth pastor and also as a Guidance Counselor, just being in touch with so many kids and trying to get them to elevate their self-esteem … without it, they are not going to accomplish much and so having them feel good about themselves and that they are worthy of love, worthy of accomplishments that are there for them.”

He added that persons that possess positive and uplifting self-esteems are typically the those that are more successful in life. “We definitely wanted to share that with them during this event.

“This is actually our first event for the year. A parent actually called and saw the need for it and so it was really for parents to also know their kids and see the need for it, and to send them to be a part of what we are doing so that they can really achieve success in their lives,” said Carey.

He added that once children understand their value and their worth, their possibilities are endless. “Often time it is just letting them know that they should not let anyone define who they are or tell you that you cannot accomplish anything. Sometimes kids do believe what others say about them that is negative, but we want them to understand that no matter what anyone says about them, they are gifted, talented and God has placed gifts and abilities on the inside of each of them.

“Once you feel good about yourself, you value yourself, you begin to affirm yourself. There is nothing that is impossible and that they can accomplish anything, so that they can be happy, fulfilled, rich, filled with abundance, knowing that this is there for them once they believe in themselves. That is what myself and my wife are doing, assisting them in letting them know that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to.”

Another area that the seminar focused on is, “when they are not attempting because they are afraid of failure.”

Carey explained that it is important for young persons to understand that when they fail, that is where the lessons are formed. “Failure is a lesson and we can gain lessons from it and make ourselves better; but if they do not fail, it shows that they are not trying. We want them to face their fears and if they fail, they can take those lessons and built from that. That is what is ultimately going to empower them.

“No one starts off confident, no one just came out confident, you become confident and so you have to start at some point. A person may start at a three and then, all of a sudden you see them out there doing things and when you hear their story they talk about how they were scared but, the more they did it the better they became, displaying more confidence.

“I’ve spoken with hundreds of kids, going into different schools for speaking engagements, speaking with many individually, coaching them along the path and seeing them growing into what they wanted to do is amazing.

“Just asking them questions, such as, whether or not they did their best. I encourage them that the next time we meet for them to tell me that they did their best. When they do their best, they become so shocked in their own strengths. It is simply bringing out what is already in them. That is what this event is all about,” concluded Carey.

The event was not only open to young persons but to parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors and youth leaders as well.

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