Women challenged to let their voices be heard at ‘Lioness on the Rise’ event

OMEN CHARGED TO ROAR – Women of the clergy gathered for the one-night ‘Lioness on the Rise’ event on Tuesday, November 25, where they were admonished to let their voices be heard and ‘roar’ into their purpose. (PHOTOS: JUELANDA THOMPSON)

‘Lioness on the Rise,’ a prophetic encounter coordinated by Senator Prophetess Jasmin Dareus on Tuesday, November 25 at the Bahamas Union of Teacher’s Hall (BUT), challenged over 100 women in Grand Bahama to ‘roar’ with the sound of triumph for the next 30 days, as the new year begins.

Women throughout the island, including pastor wives, evangelists and other women of the clergy gathered for the one-night service, which was geared toward individual restoration and healing.

Dareus admonished the women to arise above their struggles and become more aligned with purpose. 

Speaking from Isaiah 60:1 and Mark 5: 21- 25 and verses 35 to 43, which spoke on the death of a young woman who was awaken by the miracle of Jesus, Dareus impressed upon the women to hear the word of keynote speaker Dr. Cleopatra Williams.

Dr. Williams, a resident of New Providence, thanked Dareus for the invitation and soundly professed her mission is to encourage the ‘Lioness’ in women to take up their mantle and keep pushing.

“We’ve been in situations for a long time; we’ve been in spots that we didn’t know how we were going to get out. We’ve been in circumstances that were so tight, it felt as though we wouldn’t have been able to breathe to get life on the inside of us. We have been in desert like situations for such a long time that when war comes, we just don’t know how to act.

“I am grateful to be here with you, and I came on an assignment in the BUT Hall, to wake up every warrior that went sound asleep. I came here to wake up every intercessor that stopped praying for what they saw, I came here to wake up every psalmist that shut their mouth because of what they were going through.

“There is a spirit of wake up in the building and it’s time to wake up,” declared Williams.

Sharing the definition of arise, she said, “To arise means to emerge, it means to become apparent, it means to originate and occur because of something. The anointing that is on this service is because there must be an awakening or an emergent of Lioness or Lions, of the female gender, that will get up and say something. We have been silent for too long. It is time to wake up the warriors.” 

Williams noted that many anointed females are sitting down satisfied with being dressed up in church. “You are too significant to waste this whole season fast asleep. You are too significant to the next move of God, to be so concerned about hair, shoes, money and clothes. I am looking for some significant sisters in the house of God, who will not keep silent because they know the next move is waiting on their sound.

“It is high time that we get out our sleep and make the world know who we are. It is also high time that you understand your significance and begin to use it.”

According to Williams, Zoology shows that the female Lion, referred to as a Lioness, gets her roar after the male Lion would’ve gotten his. 

“You got your right to your voice a long time ago, when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior. You got the right to your roar, but some of us don’t know yet that we have a roar on the inside.

“I’ve done some research, where I have learnt that the only animal that has a roar is the Lion in the jungle. No other animal has a sound like the Lion and I have come to learn why. Every other animal when they open their mouth and their voice box vibrates, it creates the shape of a triangle. The Lion, when he roars, creates the shape of a square. 

“The square that is created in the throat of the Lion causes the sound to emanate miles and miles away. The triangle sound cannot do that; therefore, in all of this, I am saying that some of us have been so boxed in, that God put us in a square to get a sound out of us that he requires,” said Williams.

“When life was good, you didn’t praise Him. When you had all the money, you needed, you didn’t praise Him, so He had to squeeze you a little bit so you can get a sound out of you. God is saying, if you open up your mouth I can make that box work for you.”

Lions are known globally as kings of the jungle, Williams added. “Technically, they are the strongest and most majestic beast according to Proverbs 30:30. Amos said they are provoking, Jobs said they are fierce in all that they do, Judges calls them strong warriors, Psalms says that they are healthy. 

“Freeport, we have to wake up the Lions because the longer they stay asleep the longer the dogs will bark. People will fear a bark when they don’t understand a roar.

“But I have come by to disturb some Lions that has been sleeping comfortably. I have come by to disturb some Lions, who have been quiet in Freeport. There are some women in here who are poised to receive a double edge sword, one side to deliver and another side that will destroy and tonight I charge you to roar,” declared Williams.

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