Weir’s efforts result in finalists’ spot at Bahamas Primary Student of the Year

FINALIST – Jordan Weir, a sixth grader of St. Paul’s Methodist College returned home as a finalist in 2019 Bahamas Primary Student of the Year Awards. (PHOTO: TFN)

Jordan Weir, a six grader of St. Paul’s Methodist College recently returned home as a finalist in this year’s Bahamas Primary Student of the Year Competition, which were held in the New Providence last month.

Of 123 star studded primary school students throughout the country, Weir was one of 32 finalists in this year’s competition and one of seven representing Grand Bahama.

This daily had the opportunity to interview Weir, his teacher Natasha Thompson as well as vice principal of St. Paul’s Methodist College, Erica Laing, upon his return.

“I returned with a Bahamas Student of the Year 2019 nominee award and a finalist award for The Bahamas Student of the Year 2019,” said the young student.

Weir shared that he had the opportunity to meet fellow students from throughout The Bahamas and was able to forge new friendships.

He was questioned on his overall experience participating in the annual competition. “It was thrilling,” he answered.

Weir shared that he was not nervous when his name was called during the event as a finalist.

“The Student of the Year (Competition) was an amazing experience. I also got to visit some places in Nassau. My entire family came to support me. I also got to meet the Governor General and many other people,” he added.

Weir travelled to the event with his parents and Thompson.

Asked what he would say to other students interested in competing in upcoming Bahamas Student of the Year Awards.

He replied, “No matter what, they will all come out as winners.”

Laing noted, “We are so proud of Jordan, especially seeing him come up through the system. As a little child he has always been an excellent student. He is just reaping what he has sown and that is excellence. We expect great things coming from him moving forward, because that is the child that he is; we are very proud of him.”

Laing revealed that this is not the first time that a St. Paul’s Methodist College student has been named a finalist in the Bahamas Primary Student of the Year Awards.

“We expect, not just for him, great things for all of the other students at St. Paul’s. He is just a positive example for those coming behind him,” she added.

Thompson, Sixth Grade Teacher and Primary School Coordinator, St. Paul’s stated, “Jordan has made us all proud. He was among 123 students who participated in the Bahamas Primary Student of the Year 2019. As he said, it was a thrilling experience; but for me personally, it was nerve wracking.

“This year, every student walked away with something. The first batch of students received computers; when that session took place Jordan’s name was not called. Over 50 students received computers. The second batch were the semi-finalists and they received $1,000 each. Again, his name was not called.

“When it came to the finalists, they were awarded $1,500. At the end of that round his name was called and we were so proud that he made finalists list.”

She continued, “Jordan is a hard-working student. I often say that he is not a smart student; he is an intelligent student. That is who Jordan is, he thinks beyond; he pushes himself beyond the limit and he does not stop. He fights and he fights until he gets to the place that he thinks he should be. He stops at nothing to achieve that.

“We are very proud of him as a school and as his teachers. We trust that the rest of the students that are to come, will do even better than Jordan because that is the caliber of students we have at St. Paul’s Methodist College. We are so very proud of all of his accomplishments and we know that he will do great things in junior high school.”

The winner of the 2019 Bahamas Primary Student of the Year Awards was Lauren Scriven, a Grade 6 student of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School in Abaco.

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