Water supply project ideal

On the heels of the water expansive project in Grand Bahama that affords residents of East End Grand Bahama, piped services, Minister of Public Works and Urban Development Philip Davis has launched a national initiative.


While there is great satisfaction that the central administration, through the Ministry of Grand Bahama and with the Grand Bahama Port Authority providing the feeder supply, has upgraded the lifestyle of East End Residents, congratulations is in order for the countrywide project.


Davis said as part of his address on Monday in New Providence, the following:


“Each constituent, wherever he/she choose to live, has the right of access to essential services. That is why our Family Islands cannot be left out.”


That’s quite profound.


It is always refreshing indeed when the government undertakes meaningful projects in the interest of The Bahamian people. In digesting the remarks of Minister Davis, who is also the nation’s Deputy Prime Minister, it was heart-warming to recognize that at long last the point whereby piped water in every section, of every inhabited area in the country, has been reached.


Piped water is to be extended into the far reaches of the country.


Davis spoke of a particular desire:


“The corporation’s customers and potential customers wherever they reside, along Sapodilla Boulevard in Pinewood Gardens (New Providence), Mars Bay (South Andros), or Colonel Hill (Crooked Island), they are all demanding world class potable piped water delivered on a 24/7 basis, with excellent pressure, clear in appearance and perfect to their taste buds.”


It’s not just about their demands. All Bahamian residents deserve as much.


It is indeed a feel-good message Davis sent out in launching “The Bahamas Water Supply Improvement project” and accordingly, the challenge goes out from this place for Davis and his colleagues in government to be true to his spoken words.


Because of the ways of politicians, although Davis brought good news, we are a bit skeptical. It is just that so often in political campaign seasons, all of the ‘governments of the day’ highlight projects and promise completions. Of course, the promises are not always fulfilled.


It would be good indeed, if all of the good-sounding words uttered by Davis regarding the national water supply improvement turn out to be much more than just mere rhetoric.


Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 

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