UB Northern Campus prepares for Charter Day

UB NORTHERN CAMPUS CHARTER DAY – In preparation for Charter Day, the University of The Bahamas Northern Campus Alumni are participating in several activities leading up to Thursday, April 27 big event. Alumni executives are pictured with one of its partners, Frank’s Icecream, on Tuesday, April 25. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

The University of The Bahamas (UB) Northern Campus (NC) will officially be launched this coming Thursday (April 27) with its Charter Day ceremony. In celebration of the milestone, Alumni spearheaded a two-day event, where the University of The Bahamas NC will officially be launched and banner unveiled.

According to Elvardo Thompson, Director of Alumni Affairs, “Today the UB Alumni Association is partnering with Frank’s Ice Cream, to support the NBC becoming the University of the Bahamas, NC. That will officially happen on Thursday, which we call Charter Day. “

Thompson, who spoke to this daily yesterday (Tuesday, April 25) disclosed, “Last year, the hurricane derailed the plans that we had for the official opening; therefore we were unable to have our Charter Day, until this Thursday. We are here to support the transition to University status, for this campus, as well as to encourage our Alumni to come out and show, what we call, ‘UB Pride.’

“UB Pride means wearing blue; today we are partnering with Frank’s Ice Cream, between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Also, tomorrow we will have another blue day between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. We are encouraging all friends as well as Alumni of the University to come in. When you purchase a Frank’s blue ice-cream, persons will receive free blue paraphernalia from the UB,” informed the Director of Alumni Affairs.

On Charter Day, Thompson said that persons in the community can expect a fun-filled day at the NC, all in celebration of the institution’s milestone to university status, here in the Northern Bahamas. “Officials from Nassau will be flying over for the event where they will officially unveil the University Plaque,” shared Thomson.

As acquiring university status has been a dream of the College of The Bahamas for quite some time, Thompson revealed that as it is now a reality, it is indeed worthy of such celebration. “It has been a long transition for us, everyone is aware of that but we are happy that we are finally here. With us becoming a university means that we are going to be offering more programs at the Baccalaureate level as well as the Master’s level and eventually at the PhD level.

“What we are doing now to prepare for that is actually seeking what we call accreditation from SACS, which is the Southern Association of College; it is a very prestigious accreditation. We are looking to get accreditation from them. Once we get that accreditation, of course all of our programs, Bachelors, Masters would be accepted internationally, wherever our students go. We are looking forward to that.”

Additionally, Thompson shared that the UB will be expanding both of their locations, to accommodate their students more effectively and efficiently.

“Also, we are expanding our facilities at both campuses, Nassau as well as NBC. Here at NBC we are building brand-new dorms. If persons come on down to the campus on Thursday, they will see the dorms going up as well as a lot more facilitates will be going up as well. The campus will basically be doubling in size, pretty shortly.

“All residents of the Northern Bahamas, Grand Bahama, Abaco, The Berrys, students will be able to attend the campus here, without having to go over to Nassau. Traditionally, the facilities, as well as the programs were not offered here at NBC, but, moving forward we plan on having all of those facilities and programs offered here at the NBC campus, therefore it will be very cost effective for students here in the Northern Bahamas.”

In conclusion Thompson encouraged all Alumni of the College of The Bahamas to join them in the festivities on Thursday as the NBC joins the institution’s Oakes Field campus as it officially transitions to the University of The Bahamas.

“I would like to encourage everyone to come out and support us on Thursday; it is a very historic day for the University of The Bahamas. We only have a Charter once, we only become a University once, so we want to encourage everyone to become a part of this historic event, as well as in the future to support us. The Alumni Association here has also planned a number of activities and we really want our Alumnus to get involved with the Association. Volunteer your services see how you can give back to your Alma Mater,” said Thompson.

Jordan Curry, Public Relations Officer, Frank’s Icecream expressed that it was indeed an honor to partner with the UB for the Alumni Association initiative.

“We are so delighted to have the University of The Bahamas here, choosing Frank’s Ice-cream as one of their platforms to partner with them on this initiative. Mr. Frank Outten, (Owner and Proprietor) of Franks’s Icecream is so proud to be a part of this. His life is about impacting the youth and doing things for the youth. We feel privileged to partner with the University and we are looking forward to doing more with them in the near future,” concluded Curry.

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