Turnquest reaches out for unity

As if he was following up on the point made in this space recently about the opposition forces being in disarray, Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest is appealing for a unified front against the governing Progressive Liberal Party.


We previously pointed out that the general attitude of the political entities opposed to the PLP is to attack each other. Of course such a culture diminishes greatly any chance of changing the government during the upcoming general elections.


Earlier this week, Turnquest, the East Grand Bahama Member of Parliament, reportedly made a plea and encouraged opposition forces to join up with the FNM to take the fight to the PLP.


“In respect to all of the various factions of opposition that are out there, we encourage all of them to join the Free National Movement and help us to rid this country of what we believe, and what the majority of the Bahamian people believe, is a failed government. I think this is a time in our history when we all have to put down our egos and our self-interest and come together as a unified force to unseat the Progressive Liberal Party,” Turnquest was quoted.


Will his cry fall on deaf ears?


We think so.


The third political force in the country is the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) headed by Branville McCartney. Both McCartney and DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer have inferred that the party is strong enough to make a significant impact at the polls and is going forward after unification talks with the FNM broke down.


It is true that the DNA resonates with an appreciable percentage of Bahamians and even if standing alone, will likely get a lot of support on election day. Of course going into battle, united, would present a greater challenge to the PLP. 


This scenario would be taken to a greater extent, if the United Democratic Party (under Greg Moss) and the Official Opposition group, under Loretta Butler-Turner hold hands with the FNM.


Is that realistic, though?


We think not.


Egos, it seems will always come into play.


As a result, a PLP Government that is not functioning under Prime Minister Perry Christie, in the best interest of the Bahamian People, is presently positioned to poll sufficient votes in the respective constituencies to send the greater number of candidates to parliament.


Published  Wednesday, February 8, 2017 


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