Turnquest: Govt. in ready mode

FNM?Deputy Peter Turnquest

With Hurricane Irma, packed with historic winds, on track for Grand Bahama, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and East Grand Bahama MP, Peter Turnquest, was hands- on at the Grand Bahama Command Center in Freeport on Thursday.

The DPM, issued a brief statement last evening, noting that government agencies are “in ready mode” and appealing to residents, particularly in low lying areas, to evacuate.

Following is the DPM’s statement in its entirety.

“As Hurricane Irma is on track to hit Grand Bahama within days, we are pleased to report that government agencies are in ready mode. We are calling on all residents to be prepared and to take the necessary precautions. While the comfort of home is always a tempting first option, we wish to appeal to those, particularly in low lying areas, to evacuate.

“We are calling on residents in the West and East Ends and the Cays to take advantage of the designated hurricane shelters. It would prove totally unfair to place our officers in danger if they are forced to rescue persons who refused to move to higher and safer grounds. We want to endure what is to come without loss of lives or injuries.

“The harsh reality is, we have yet to fully recover from Matthew and we are deeply concerned about any further impact on commercial activity. We have and are doing our best to address protective measures. Again, we are asking residents to take this historically powerful storm serious. Senior citizens, in particular, we do not recommend they stay alone. Please make use of the shelters.

“Teams from the relevant public and private agencies are to be commended for dedicated and diligent preparedness efforts. While all Grand Bahama based members of parliament are working hard to ensure their constituents are safe, on a personal note, I wish to again encourage residents in the East to move as advised by the experts. It is important that residents pay attention to reports and updates from the mainstream and credible media outlets. May almighty God protect our island and country through the storm.”

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