Traffic officers conduct first initiative of the year

FIRST INITIATIVE FOR 2021 – Officers of the Grand Bahama Traffic Division, headed by Supt. Jeremy Henfield carried out their first initiative for 2021. According to Henfield, exercises will continue throughout the year. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Officers from the Traffic Division continue to make their presence felt on the streets of Grand Bahama.

Most recently, Traffic Division Officer-in-Charge, Superintendent Jeremy Henfield, led a team with members stationed at major thoroughfares of the island, sensitizing motorists and conducting speed checks.

The initiative, according to Henfield, was not only taking place here on Grand Bahama, but throughout the Northern Bahamas District.

“We are out here to initiate our first road Traffic Safety initiative for 2021. This comes on the heels of a number of fatalities that we have had during the past year, 2020. It is of very grave concern firstly, to our commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Ashton Greenslade), and secondly, to myself as the commander of the Traffic Division.

“We are losing too many people to our streets. Within the last five fatalities, we have lost five young men all under the age of 30,” said Henfield.

Also, the recent fatalities included an 11-year female student.

“This is a serious matter and so, we are out here this morning not for pomp and pageantry; we are here for serious business to say to our motoring public that we need you to slow down, because speed kills,” stated the traffic chief.

He added that this is the first initiative for the year and the Traffic Division will be conducting such every month for the entire year.

“It is no secret. We want you to know that the police will be out. This is a major island-wide operation and is a part from all of the other smaller operations that we will be conducting in the various areas and divisions. We are taking this very seriously, we cannot afford to lose anymore of our young people to the streets. This operation is taking place not only on Grand Bahama but also on Bimini and Abaco, simultaneously.”

As it relates to the documentation, all motorists are expected to have proper paperwork for their vehicles should they be stopped by an officer, Henfield noted.

“As you know, we are still under the COVID-19 Emergency Orders regulations and so, with that still in place, licensing of vehicles has been extended. What we require of you, for those persons that are using the extension and have not yet licensed their vehicles, we expect you to have on hand your insurance coverage. We expect you to have with your identification, your Driver’s License. You need that. As you know that is a new amendment and so, we ask that you have these documents on you even if you do not have the papers for your vehicle, have the others on you; have them ready. The officers need them, to be able to inspect them, and then you will be on your way,” Henfield said.

“These are the things that we will be doing, to ensure that our streets remain safe. Our push this year is to have no fatality in 2021. 

“None, (I say)!

“You will see us on the streets. We are asking those persons who are good drivers to continue to bear with us as we continue to try to save as many lives as possible.”

In response to those drivers who have expressed their distaste with the ongoing traffic stops by authorities, Henfield urged that they continue to bear with the Police, as the initiatives are put in place for the sole purpose of saving lives.

“To those persons that say this is a little too much, I ask that you bear with us. We are doing what we know, we have been doing this for a while. This is nothing new. The (road) checks that we are making will save lives.

“People are complaining, but it works. We just ask you to bear with us, in short order the Traffic Division will be launching a ‘Good Driver Award.’ We always meet you on the wrong side, when we issue you a ticket, and so, we are looking at rewarding good drivers. However, those who are not heeding and abiding to the rules, then we are out here for you,” concluded Henfield.

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