Tornadoes, tidal surges linked to Storm Irma

Several homes in the Imperial Park Subdivision and businesses in the area sustained minimal to extensive damage yesterday as a tornado ripped through portions of Grand Bahama.

While Bahamians have been spared the direct impact of Hurricane Irma, the country experienced tornadoes, receding coastlines and tidal surges.

For miles the sea rolled back in Long Island, causing panic and concern that a tsunami may be imminent and possibly wipe out everything that residents and business owners struggled so hard to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin (2015).
Meanwhile on the island of Bimini, tidal surges and swells caused serious flooding and on Grand Bahama, tornadoes formed so rapidly, residents throughout Garden Villas, Caravel Beach, Imperial Park, Bahamia and Lucaya narrowly escaped being injured, as rooftops were ripped off and tossed around like toothpicks in the wind.

NEMA Officials along with Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Deputy Commissioner Emrick Seymour, up to press time, continued to urge residents to stay indoors as both Grand Bahama and Bimini remained under tropical storm watch.

Climate change as it relates to Global Warming can be attributed in some way to the increased intensity, severity and frequency of storms not only in the Atlantic Ocean but worldwide.

Hoping to ensure the safety of all Bahamians, RBPF Deputy Commissioner Seymour issued a plea to all residents specifically those on the islands of Grand Bahama and Bimini to remain indoors until the “All Clear” has been announced.

“The weather conditions will indeed worsen and as many are aware the “All Clear” up to this point has not been issued,” he said on Sunday.

“We are asking all for your own safety and that of others to please stay indoors. The streets of Grand Bahama are definitely not where anyone should be at this time. The Police are out on the street in full force in an effort to curtail the amount of persons on our streets in this weather.

“Unfortunately, many are resisting our warnings and advisories. This poses a difficulty for law enforcement officers, as everywhere people are on the streets of Grand Bahama.

“We know that the public is monitoring the national news radio and television broadcasts hence we are asking all to please safeguard yourselves by adhering to the warnings issued and stay off the street.

“Yes, stay indoors until the “All Clear” has been issued. Tornado activity is nothing to play around with particularly, as several homes and businesses have lost portions of rooftops, in and around Imperial Park, Imperial Gardens, Caravel Beach, Solomon’s Lucaya and other areas as well, according to reports,” informed Seymour who gave the following warning in conclusion:

“Stay off the streets, hunker down and ride out this weather indoors of your home with your family until the “All Clear” has been announced, it is better to be safe and heed the instructions given as a word to the wise is sufficient!”

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