Lloyd, Butler, Wilson face challenges in Education

Pictured from left are Minister of Education, Jeffrey Lloyd; Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President, Belinda Wilson and Disstrict Superintendent of Education, GB, Ivan Butler.




Government schools, according to the edict put forth by Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd, will re-open this coming Monday, October 5. It is indeed a challenging time for the ministry, which is charged with the very important responsibility of preparing our young boys and girls through education and sports, to carry this nation forward in the future years.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has unsettled our lives. The way we exist will be different going forward, as a direct result of COVID-19.

The way we school national, civic, Christian, political, academic, business, sporting, general community leaders of the future, must undergo a transformation, due to COVID-19, which, it appears, will be with us for the long haul.

And, so, we applaud those who have the obligation of shouldering, along with parents and guardians, the burden of crafting our young into meaningful adults. We give praise for those who prioritize youth development, in all aspects.

As the system prepares to focus once again on the mainstream education of our boys and girls, we are thankful for Minister Lloyd, our own District Superintendent Ivan Butler, Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson, and all others who guide and monitor the system of education in our country.

Lloyd, Butler, Wilson etc., have their roles to play. 

May they do so as best as is possible.

Let us pray that the old models and the adjusted ones, by which we educate the young, progress well and produce maximum benefits. According to District Superintendent Butler, the models endorsed by the Ministry of Education for the upcoming term, and, perhaps the foreseeable future, are the standard face-to-face, and hybrid (personal instruction and virtual classes) models.

In our region, Bimini Primary, West End Primary, Holmes Rock Primary, Martin Town Primary, Bartlett Hill Primary, Lewis Yard Primary, Maurice Moore Primary, The Beacon School, Grand Cay All-Age, Eight Mile Rock High, and Jack Hayward High will open for face-to-face instructions.

Hugh Campbell Primary, Freeport Primary, Sister Mary Patricia Junior High, Louise McDonald High and St. Georges High will be provided with the hybrid model. 

The situation presents a huge test for all within the system.

Best wishes!

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