Three GB MPs ratified

Pictured from left are Michael Pintard, member of Parliament for Marco City; Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini and Iram Lewis, member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama. (PHOTOS: TFN FILES)

Three of Grand Bahama’s current serving Members of Parliament will return as their party’s (Free National Movement) standard bearers in the 2022 General Election.

Incumbents – Michael Pintard, Marco City; Iram Lewis, Central Grand Bahama; and Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, West Grand Bahama and Bimini, have been ratified. They – took to social media late Monday (February 15) evening, confirming that they were given the nod.

Representatives for the two remaining two constituencies – Pineridge and East Grand Bahama have yet to be named. Rev. Frederick McAlpine and K. Peter Turnquest currently represents those areas, respectively.

In the meantime, Grand Bahamians have expressed mixed views on the governing party’s latest announcement.

“It’s PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) for me, all the way,” said a female resident, who gave her name as Dorothy. “This government needs to go and come 2022 that will happen, no matter who they pick.”

Residing in the Central Grand Bahama constituency, Dorothy said that “from the unconfirmed word” Harold Williams will be representing the PLP and that is where she will mark her ‘X.’

Another female resident, who did not want to give her name, stated that while she agreed with opinions that this was a tough term for the nation’s leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, due to Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19, she believes assistance was slow in getting to those in need.

“They (government) made people wait so long for assistance and even now some people are still waiting to get help. I think they could have handled things different, better, in a more organized way.

“But now, coming around inspecting things … it’s too late for them.”

A young Marco City male resident, Franklin, did not agree.

“Mr. Pintard was on the ground right away after the hurricane and when he could not make it, his team members were working and they are still working. They were feeding people, they were delivering building materials, they were even volunteering to repair homes.

“I think Mr. Pintard, even gave out of his own funds, even though he and his family were impacted by the hurricane. So, I am glad they pick him and he is getting my vote.”

In West Grand Bahama, Lyn Adams is looking forward to casting her vote for Parker-Edgecombe.

“She has been working. I know some in the community will say that she has not, but her energy and efforts went into, and is still going into educating our young people.

“No, she did not take a photo every time a student, high school or college, got assistance; nor did she, when families in need got help, or when senior citizens were given aid.

“But she was and continues to work,” said Adams.

Adams noted that it is her belief that Parker-Edgecombe is about giving residents a hand up and not always a hand out.

“I don’t see no change in the west,” said Richard Dean. “Maybe because she’s a woman they didn’t help her get things done down this side. I don’t know, but I think it’s time for a change.”

In the following statement Monday evening, FNM officials announced the ratification of eight incumbent candidates, inclusive of the GB three.

“The Free National Movement (FNM) has ratified eight incumbent candidates to help advance the party’s agenda, which at its core, will ensure the continued building of a better Bahamas.

“Michael Pintard, Frankie Campbell, Iram Lewis, Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, Reuben Rahming, Adrian Gibson, Shanendon Cartwright, and Ricky Mackey have all secured a spot on the party’s ticket, to further their work in nation building.

“These public servants have demonstrated their love for country through their unwavering commitment to its advancement in their respective areas of work in government and their communities.

“They will be among those at the forefront with the leader of our party, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, in promoting world-class education for future generations of Bahamians and revamping infrastructure to support additional industry and investment, which will ultimately lead to more new jobs and opportunities for Bahamians. This coupled with challenging the status quo through transparency and accountability, as well as the diversification of our economy, are paramount to ensuring a better future for our country.  Plans for diversification has already begun under the FNM, and this team will continue the work we have started.

“This latest group joins the 17 already ratified candidates for a total of 25. These are the leaders who can be trusted to take all Bahamians into a better, stronger Bahamas.

“While we must remain vigilant amid the ongoing global pandemic, our government’s proactive response is allowing our country to maintain relatively low case numbers, while enabling our economy to gradually and safely reopen. This is due in large part to the leadership and hard work of our team of committed leaders in the FNM, as well as our collaboration with and the direction of our health professionals.”

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