Thompson confident in GB’s recovery this New Year

Eleven days into the New Year 2018, Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator J. Kwasi Thompson is keen on moving ahead in faith and during the historic, ‘The MOVE’ Watch Night Gathering on Independence Park, gave a positive outlook for the future of the island in all spheres.

Hoping the event would long be remembered Sen. Thompson, who also serves as an Elder at Calvary Temple Assemblies of God stated, “The people of God stand together united as one body and it is God Himself who said, “A people united speaking one language nothing is impossible for them,” therefore, we have set aside our denominations, political colors and all of those things that divide us and remember those things that unite us.

“We all believe in the complete recovery and restoration of Grand Bahama and, I have long believed that Grand Bahama’s physical, spiritual and economic recovery would not come as a result of or orchestrated by men; but that it would only be by the Supernatural power of God.

“It will take a move of God, therefore, on the last day of 2017, I make no resolutions; but instead I will make some declarations.”

Citing the definition of the word declaration, which is an explicit announcement of the beginning of a state or condition, Thompson noted that according to the Bible, there is power of life and death in the tongue, and there are certain things that must be spoken in order for a situation to be transformed.

Declaring that God was with Moses and Joshua and so shall He be with the people of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large, Thompson said, “In 2018, I declare that God will be with us and, as King David said in the middle of a fight, “Thou comest to me with a sword, spear and shield but I come to you in the name of the Lord of host, the God of armies of Israel,” He will fight every battle for us.

“And I declare that as Joseph found favor with God and men that 2018 in Grand Bahama shall be the year of God’s divine favor on this island therefore; we pray that the Lord will forgive and deliver our island and nation.

“For the sake of you the elect in this nation, you who still love God, continue to serve and seek His face, Lord I pray you will continue to have mercy upon this land and we return Grand Bahama to you, for unless Lord you guard the city the watchmen stays awake in vain!”

Noting that in 2018 the Lord of host is with us and that God is, “our protector hence we the people place Grand Bahama under the shadow of the Almighty,” Senator Thompson declared that the Lord is our shield, fortress, hiding place, keeper, defender, refuge, rock, shelter and stronghold.

Members of the Christian faith burst out in a time of praise at the powerful declaration fully persuaded that God will protect Grand Bahama from its enemies both in the natural and spiritual realm.

Thompson declared with a voice of triumph that in 2018 our families and marriage will remain strong in Him, business will prosper, Grand Bahamians will continue to be hardworking and industrious as well as the streets of the island will be safe.

“We declare an increase in employment, opportunity and wealth as well as Supernatural ideas, dreams and visions will be birth and the island of Grand Bahama will declare the glory of God.
“Every settlement on this island will be blessed, the season of lack has ended and we shall walk into the season of prosperity, plenty overflow and abundance.

“As Jabez prayed, “Oh, that thou would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory and influence,” I pray that God’s hand would be upon us in Grand Bahama and He would keep us from evil.

“Right now I declare the blessings of the Lord in this New Year 2018 and that He will bless and keep us, making His face to shine upon Grand Bahama being gracious to us while lifting His countenance upon this place and all who inhabit it giving us peace.

“On behalf of the Government of The Bahamas, I declare God is our source Grand Bahama, and in the early moments of 2018 He is with us,” declared the Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Great things are ahead with God at the center of it all, revealed Senator Thompson who prophetically and patriotically concluded his address by stating, “God bless The Bahamas!”

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