Teams lobbying for position in GBSSAA Track and Field Championships

The Grand Bahama Secondary School Athletic Association (GBSSAA) Annual Track and Field Championships got rolling this past Tuesday at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.


Days one and two marked the start of the field events. So far, after day two (Wednesday, February 15) it was evident schools looked to separate themselves from the pack. 


The track events got underway yesterday morning. The scores after day three were not available up to press time.


After day two, the Sister Mary Patricia Russell Panthers held a combined score of 70.5 points in the Under 14 Division. In second with a total of 54 points were the Jack Hayward Junior Stars. 


The Bishop Michael Eldon Warriors sat in third with 43.5 points and the Tabernacle Falcons were in fourth with 42 points. 


The Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays totalled 12 points, good enough for fifth place, while the Sunland Stingers scored 11 points and sat in sixth. 


The Mary Star Crusaders had just one point for seventh.


The Falcons totalled 83.5 points after day two, to sit in first place in the U16 Division. The Stars had a combined total of 68 points for second place. The Panthers sat in third with 66 points, while the Warriors sat in fourth with 42 points. 


The St. Georges Jaguars were in fifth place with a total of 34 points, with the Blue Jays trailing in sixth place with 25 points. The Stingers stood in seventh with 20.5 points, while the Crusaders and Grand Bahama Academy stood tied with eight points for eighth place.


The Jaguars held a first place lead in the U18 Division with 80 points after the second day. The Falcons trailed in second with 77 points, while the Jack Hayward Wildcats stood in third place with 53 points. 


The Blue Jays totalled 46 points to trail in fourth place, while the Warriors trailed in fifth place with 29 points. The St. Paul’s Saints registered 28 points, good for sixth place with the Stingers sitting at seventh place with 20 points. Pine Forest Academy totaled 15 points eighth place and the Crusaders sat in ninth with just three points.


The Falcons held the first place edge in the U20 Division as well, with 80 points. The Wildcats trailed in second with a total of 60 points. The Warriors and Jaguars sat tied in third place with just 29 points. The Blue Jays posted just 17 points to sit in fifth place and the Stingers totaled just 12 points to sit in sixth place. 


Day four gets underway this morning, beginning with the long jump at 9:15 a.m. 


The 400 meter hurdles is expected to be the first track event of the day, which starts at 10:00 a.m.


Published  Friday, February 17, 2017 

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