TAPP providing a jump start to college

TERREVE COLLEGE – The Administrative Team at Terreve College encourage high school students to take advantage of their TAPP Program. Pictured from left to right are Fredricka Patton-Thomas, Marketing Manager; Randall Cooper, Chief Executive Officer; Terrance Archer, Founder; Ann Marie Albury, President and Winnifred Miller, Administrator, Terreve College. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

High schoolers can now get a jump to their tertiary education through Terreve College’s TAPP.

According to founder, Terrance Archer, not only does the learning institution offer adults the opportunity to advance their education, but young people still in high school can get an early start.

The program, aptly called Terreve Advanced Placement Program (TAPP), allows high school students to obtain college credit towards an Associate Degree, while still enrolled at local high school.

Archer shared that the program has been in existence at Terreve College for quite some time. Unfortunately, he noted that not many secondary schools have bought into the vision of the program, giving their students a head-start on furthering their education upon the completion of their high school education.

“We have our TAPP Program that targets Grades 9 to 12 students. We have been trying to get all Guidance Counselors at the various schools to really take advantage of this opportunity, because the earlier you get students into challenging themselves academically, we believe, the better they would be for it; as to their self-development, mentally, academically and emotionally.

“Also, you would see better improvement in the grade average – which they say our national grade average is a ‘D.’ I have a difficulty with that. I believe that we are not challenging our students enough,” said Archer.

“Students spend hours on end texting, emailing, playing video games, with no problems – whether emotionally, physically – but yet we have professionals in the educational field who feel that we will be overcrowding our students if we were to get them into this advanced program.

“When we talk to these same students they are anxious and eager to join, but the educators are holding them back by not getting the information out to the parents and students,” Archer maintained. “When we talk to these students they question how is it that they do not know about the program.

“A student in the Grade 10 taking advantage of TAPP, by the time they graduate high school they can graduate with their Associate Degree and their high school diploma. That will give them a head start, as it were, into the professional area, or now when they graduate they can go on a do their Bachelor’s Degree as opposed to starting with their Associate’s Degree.

“All of these opportunities are here, locally, but if persons do not buy into what is happening for whatever reasons, our students are being disenfranchised. We are holding them back, but yet we are expecting great things from them. We can only get great things out of people if we entrust our institutions, like Terreve, to implant greatness into them and allow them to nurture that which is implanted and develop it to their uniqueness.”

By doing so, Archer suggested that the true potential of the students will be exposed.

“Until we do that, we will never prosper as a nation, because we do not believe in ourselves, like we should; we have to believe in us, what we have, our students, and what their abilities are,” opined Archer.
“It saddens me that our people only jump on the bandwagon after success is born, instead of being the ones to nurture success. We have to nurture success; it does not good for you to come and celebrate me after I made my accomplishments, but it makes me feel better to know that you supported me on the journey.

“Terreve is going to stick with this and we want to join our students on the journey; we do not want to be a part of the ride after they would have worked so hard, on their journey, we want to be a part of the process with them, that is why we are here.”

He added that high school students all over the world are being exposed to similar advance placement programs and are continuing to excel.

“In my research, as I began to develop TAPP to the level that we have developed it, we came across places like Japan, Sweden and Switzerland, particularly in Japan, they spend more hours in the classroom and less hours on recreation and their kids are at the top of their game, in technology, mathematics, you name it.”
While he acknowledged that recreational time is important in a student’s life, he noted that applying oneself to learning is indeed beneficial to all things.

“TAPP is open to all high school students from Grades 9 through 12. The students will come here and join our regular programs, in our classrooms. We feel that if high school students are in a mixed setting with adults, again, it will help with their maturity, self-awareness and their thought processes. We have seen the transformation in the students who have been through it,” said the Terreve founder.

Archer informed that Terreve is of the view that students participating in the TAPP program, once engaged in the classroom setting among adults will begin to comport themselves not as children, but instead as responsible, young adults.

“All of this is a part of the transformational change; it is very important for us to do that; if we are going to continue to look at them only as children, they will continue to act as children, but, if we look at them as responsible adults and you respect them as such, and you refer to them as such, then they will see it as a serious situation that breeds responsibility, first of all, upon them, to act responsible.
All of our students are exposed to student development but we take ours a little deeper by marrying that with life management skills, teaching them some of the things that they need to know, how to comport yourself during an interview, how to save money, how to budget and things of that nature.

Those things marry well with the student development because again, we have to educate the entire man/ woman; that is what we are doing here at Terreve,” concluded Archer.

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