Rahming unable to overcome penalties in Judo action

Cynthia Rahming and Coach Cuban Oneysi Portorreal Pons.

The Bahamas got into the judo action at the XVIII Pan American Games on Friday.

Cynthia Rahming, 57 kilograms, in a pressure spot against host nation’s Kiara Arango, could not overcome the general scenario, a tough Arango fighting in front of an extremely partisan crowd, and questionable penalties.

It was a hard- fought match and obviously the Bahamian is competent on the Continental stage.

“I have to accept the penalties. That’s how it is in competition. They call a penalty and that’s it. The opportunity to compete here, I appreciate.

I want to thank the Bahamas Olympic Committee for accrediting me. It’s now onto preparations for the Worlds,” said a disappointed Rahming.

Her coach, Cuban Oneysi Portorreal Pons said he was proud of Cynthia.

“She fought well. I question the penalties but you have to accept,” said Pons.

Rahming’s teammate Sasha Ingraham fights on Sunday.

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