Neymour’s Athletics crew takes on Atlanta Georgia Relays

IT WAS FUN – Neymour’s Athletics Track and Field Club took part in the Atlanta Georgia Relays International Meet this past May 25-26, in Atlanta, Georgia. Pictured left to right is Levonndre Moxey, Makayla Lewis, head coach Jerial Forbes, Carl Faustin and Adrian Williams. (PHOTO COURTESY OF NEYMOUR’S ATHLETICS) 

The Neymour’s Athletics Track and Field Club proved to be up for the challenge late last month. 

The team traveled into Atlanta, Georgia for the May 25-26 held Atlanta Georgia Relays International Meet (AGR). Competing at the event were Makayla Lewis, Levonndre Moxey, Adrian Williams and Carl Faustin.

Lewis, who has gradually improved since joining Neymour’s Athletics, showed that hard work pays off. The St. George’s Jaguar made it through to the final of the women’s 400 meters after clocking a time of 59.49 seconds. In the final of the event she improved on that time, albeit in a fourth place finish, having clocked 58.83 seconds. 

“I wasn’t sure I could run that fast,” Lewis shared about her experience, “But now I know I can run faster. So next year I plan to run 53-55 seconds. My new personal best in the 200m is now 26.50 seconds. I started the year running 27.10 seconds so I know I’m improving.” 

Faustin on the other hand, finished 25th with a time of one minute and 0.99 seconds (1:00.99). He also competed in the 200m, where he ranked 17 out of 61 competitors. He ran for a time of 25.57 seconds. Later in the competition he went on to clock a time of 12.44 seconds in the 100m, where he ranked 16 out of 45.

“I feel I can run faster than those times. I plan to listen to my coach (Jerial Forbes), and push harder in my practices because those boys were really fast.”

Moxey’s time over in Atlanta resulted in him ranking 21 out of 53 in the 200m with a time of 30.53 seconds. Moxey later earned an 11th place rank in the 400m having clocked 1:13.08. Young Moxey said, “I’ve been working harder in practices, preparing for upcoming track meets this summer. I’m sure once I listen to my coach I will run much faster. One day I will represent The Bahamas and make my mom proud.”

Lastly, Williams finished 44 out of 49 athletes in the 200m. He then finished 28th in the 400m with a time of 1:16.25. He also competed in the 800m where he finished with a time of 3:09.67. 

“My races will be better next time. I ran scared but coach is helping me to build my confidence up for my future races. Next time I will do much better.” 

Taking on the challenge of international athletes is challenging but Forbes voiced that he was proud of how his athletes accepted that challenge and believes the experience will serve as a building block to their respective growth in the sport. 

“All the athletes ran great. I am proud of where they are, knowing where they started. Some of them just started training this year so they got no pressure from me. 

“But next year we’ll be coming back so much stronger. The AGR was one of the best youth track meets I’ve ever attended. I encourage clubs and professional athletes to put groups together to compete in the AGR next year to put our youth athletes on the global market for positive exposure,” he concluded.

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