GB Regatta Committee aims to bolster relationship with corporate sponsors


The Grand Bahama Regatta and Homecoming Committee are continuing their efforts to make the locally held event a bigger and better fixture for the island.

Regatta weekend kicks off at Taino Beach July 28-30 and with just over a month to go the committee, headed by Chervita Campbell, is not just thinking about this year, but the years to follow.

Campbell stopped by the Freeport News, yesterday, to announce that a Corporate Social will be held tonight at the Social Affair Clubhouse at 5:30 p.m. Campbell noted that it would be an ideal time to get all sponsors that are currently on board under one roof and up to date with the progress made so far.

“This is our opportunity to inform our sponsors of the way forward and what we’ve accomplished thus far for Grand Bahama Regatta,” she said, “And we basically want our sponsors to come out, get more inside information, meet some of the committee members who seek to bring an economic impact to the island by way of Regatta.”

At this juncture it is all about spreading the word. With that in mind Campbell said it would be a plus to have business minded individuals make it out to the Social and give their expertise on how to continually draw more Bahamians to the down-home affair.

“They can see what role they can play as it relates to getting the Grand Bahama Regatta and the Grand Bahama business community more involved, how can it benefit them and how can they assist in making sure our event is on top just like any other Family Island.”

She added that it’s going to take a “collective effort” and greater understanding of why the event is so important for locals and the island at large.

She also noted the committee wants corporate sponsors to understand the role that they can play through partnership and how they could maximize the returns on their investment.

“And that’s what we really want to bring to their attention. The nightclubs, the spots … they do marketing alone just for anything that they’re going to have. But a Regatta weekend you want to also market and you can now increase spectators that come out that weekend locally and also persons on the neighboring islands such as Abaco, Bimini and Nassau to come out and come over for that weekend.”

In Campbell’s viewpoint, regatta is something that is cultural and historic to culture of The Bahamas. She remained adamant about reconnecting everyone with the fundamental basic understanding of what regatta truly is.

“It’s not all about the onshore, socializing, night clubs and the drinking. But to actually understand that these are boat builders that actually make these sloops who are Bahamians. And this was a way of living before we became so modern.

“You had persons who would go island to island using the sailboat. That’s how they traveled because there were no airlines. And so trying to really reconnect with the historical side of being a Bahamian, Grand Bahamians need to realize we are modern but don’t forget where we came (from). And that is the importance of Grand Bahama Regatta.”

Campbell closed by saying it’s important to educate the upcoming generation on what regatta truly is.

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