Empowerment Sports Camp to welcome guest volleyball coach

READY TO EMPOWER – The Empowerment Sports Camp begins this coming Monday, June 24 – July 5 at the Bishop Michael Eldon School Grounds. Pictured left to right is Camp Leader Geno Jones, Camp Director Cherishe Hollingworth-Lundy, Camp Leader Sean Sears and Camp Leader, Tempest Bullard. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Empowerment Sports Camp, held on the Bishop Michael Eldon School grounds is setting up for another two weeks of summer activities. 

Camp begins this coming Monday, June 24 - July 5 and is geared toward male and females ages five to 16 and will include sporting activities such as basketball, softball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, tennis and empowerment sessions. The camp will run daily from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Added to the list of activities this year is art and design. Should parents wish for their kids to stay until 5:30 p.m., an after care service is available. 

The first week of camp is also expected to be a special one with Towson University’s volleyball coach and lead volleyball recruiter Terry Hutchinson hosting a skills workshop from June 24-28 at 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Camp Director Cherishe Hollingsworth-Lundy, shared that while many of the other sports like track and field and basketball get most of the recognition, she shared that she hopes placing this kind of emphasis on volleyball helps young persons see that the sport offers the same amount of opportunities. 

“What’s happening here on the island is we noticed that a lot of attention is being given to certain sports. I think a lot of parents and students are not aware of the number of scholarship opportunities that are available.

“Volleyball is one of the areas where we have been developing. I know the (Bahamas Volleyball) Federation is working to spark a little more interest on the island. 

“Last year we attended a camp and coach Hutchinson was there as one of the lead instructors. Ever since then he’s been trying to get to The Bahamas to work with our kids and we finally got him in this year. It was kind of tight because we don’t have the funding that we need but we knew this was an opportunity that is worth it for the kids.”

The BMES junior and senior girls volleyball coach furthered that libero training - player specialized in defense - is one of the aspects of volleyball Lundy feels could be “cleaned up.” While it’s not a position that’s played on many of the local teams, the Camp Director shared that the visiting coach looks forward to teaching that aspect to the players.

“He’s looking forward to working with the kids on some of the attacks. We see some of the basic passes on the courts but not a lot of kills and attacks and most of that is just a confidence issue. Sometimes you try to teach kids things but when someone from the outside comes in and can re-enforce what you’ve been trying to teach it really sheds a different light on the situation.”

Camp Leader Tempest Bullard noted that last year’s camp was exclusive to just girls. With the addition of males to the camp this year, Bullard is of the belief that the camp will be even more beneficial for young campers.

“We’re hoping it will be beneficial. Even though there’s a mixture of girls and boys they would all be separated during the sporting and empowerment sessions. 

“If you’re looking for somewhere for your son or daughter to come for the summer and they are active individuals then this camp would be the perfect place to send them.”

With the inclusion of males this year, Camp Leader Sean Sears hopes to add meaning to the incoming male campers’ lives. As an arts teacher, Sears’ goal will be to show the athletes that having other skills off the field can go a long way.

“We have a lot of boys coming. And the idea is to have not only their athletic abilities tested and refined, we’re also adding an artistic aspect to it. The idea is to have them utilize both the athletic and artistic skill sets and have them benefit from being with other young men and older men who can guide them to channel that energy they have.

“These programmers are going to help them not only in life but where they may want to produce work for themselves. It’s not only going to be beneficial for the young men, but the young ladies as well,” he concluded. 

Registration forms for the camp can be picked up at the school’s office. You can also inquire more about registration by contacting 242-441-0080 or 242-727-1201 and by email at warriorteamsports@gmail.com 

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