Conchman Triathlon winners to receive grand prize courtesy of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

WELCOME TO THE TEAM – Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is the latest sponsor to assist the 32nd Annual Conchman Triathlon. Courtesy of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, eight round trip tickets are up for grabs for the top place finishers in the Olympic and Sprint events of the Triathlon. Pictured left to right are Hector Picard, Motivational Speaker and Double Amputee Triathlete, Wendy Picard, Hector’s wife, Christoper Baker, Chairman Chairman GBPA Conchman Triathlon Committee, Lionel Pirotte, Director Guest Experience Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, Dr. Telina Smith, Human Resources Manager, The Grand Bahama Port Authority and Ravanno Ferguson, FastTrack and GBPA Conchman Triathlon Committee. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Conchman Triathlon is over two months away!

Set for November 3 to be contested at Taino Beach, the yearly threefold race – swim, cycling and running – returns and this time has something special in store for some of the winners.

For the first time, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line (BPCL) is lending their support to the cause of the 30-plus year tradition that is the Conchman Triathlon. This past Wednesday the Conchman Committee met with Executives of the Cruise Line aboard the illustrious Grand Celebration vessel docked at the Freeport Harbor to officially announce their partnership. Conchman Committee Chairman Christopher Baker announced that winners at this year’s Triathlon will be recipients of a special prize, courtesy of the Cruise Line.

“It’s just brilliant to have Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line on board and they have been so supportive putting on this event today,” Baker expressed, “But also, they have given us eight round-trip tickets on their beautiful cruise ship, from West Palm Beach, to Freeport and back (to West Palm). These are going to the winners of the Olympic event, the sprint event and top male and female participants. The tickets will also include their partners. So it really is a generous offer that we are able to make this prize available for the winners. And I’m sure it will bring a lot more people to Grand Bahama to participate in the GBPA Conchman Triathlon.”

Director of Guest Experience Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Lionel Pirotte voiced he is no stranger to Triathlons himself and noted that BPCL wishes to partner with the Conchman Triathlon for a long time to come. With theTriathlon’s pull of competitors internationally, Priotte also noted that the cruise would also serve up some discounted rates and advantages for participants that would be traveling out of the United States.

“We wanted, really, to show that we want to create a solid partnership for a long period. I did some triathlons before and I’ve spent a few years in The Bahamas and I said this is a great opportunity for our brand as we are coming, every day, to Freeport.

“We wanted to show that for the guests from Florida to The Bahamas we also propose some advantages and discounts on the cruise rate. It’s a way to show that our company wants to have the maximum amount of people for this event and create this dynamic to bring people to The Bahamas and introduce them to this beautiful island.”

Priotte disclosed that a link is attached to the Conchman Triathlon’s registration website that would refer interested persons to the Cruise Line’s rates. Persons can also visit the Cruise Line’s website or call the reservation’s office to find out more about their “easy to understand” rates.

“What we offer for everyone who wants to participate or assist this beautiful event we will offer 20 percent off their price, which is already affordable. Also if there are bikers and want to bring their bikes and have the desire to cruise with Paradise Cruise Line you will have no charge for your bike.”

As far as the planning for the Triathlon is concerned, Baker noted that everything appears to be going as planned with the Olympic Triathlon set to kick the event off at 7:30 a.m.

“We’re doing remarkably well already. We’ve got a really strong committee on board with Ravanno Ferguson of Fast Track Management helping out with the organization of the Triathlon.

“We’ve already got nearly 30 registrants and in the past this unimaginable - we would be lucky if we had two. So it’s going ahead very well and each day I see more people registering online. Other persons need to get online now to register at $60.00 because next month in October the price goes up to $70.00 for the sprint event. The other events all have one price.”

Baker also was grateful to Hector Piccard, who is a motivational speaker and double amputee triathlete. Piccard is also a huge supporter of the event.

The Secondary School portion of the Triathlon will continue this year. The top three schools will receive a monetary prize, based on their placement in the event. This week Picard has been making rounds to local high schools showing students that they can overcome any issue they may be going through.

“He was able to show the children that it didn’t matter what disability you have. You can do anything and that is his motto - ‘I can do anything’. And he had the children screaming it so that they felt motivated to take part in the Conchman Triathlon especially the Secondary Schools competition.”

Doctor Telina Smith, who serves as the Human Resources Manager at the GBPA, also offered brief words on behalf of the title sponsor.

“On behalf of the Grand Bahama Port Authority we are so thankful to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line who has joined our team in becoming the latest sponsor of this event. We are truly appreciative for their time and efforts to ensure the 32nd annual Concham Triathlon becomes a success,” she concluded.

Registration is ongoing with more information available at

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