Spence and McMinnis duo wins ‘Slime Off’ Competition

FIRST PLACE WINNER – Breah Spence (left) was named first place winner of the First ‘Slime Off’ Competition hosted by Pick Hair Beauty Center. Also pictured are Marcia Pickstock, Proprietor of Pick Hair Beauty Center and her daughter Trevona Pickstock, brainchild of the ‘Slime Off’ Competition. (Photos courtesy of Bridgette Farrington)

Contributed by Nakia Bethel

The first ever ‘Slime Off’ Competition and Fun Day on July 7, hosted by Pick Hair Beauty Center, Downtown was a huge success at the Glouchester Row Parking Lot. The event began at 1:00 p.m.

According to the organizer and proprietor of Pick Hair Beauty Center, Marcia Pickstock, the event as promised was fun filled, engaging and highly enjoyable for all in attendance.

The idea of the ‘Slime Off’ Fun Day came from Pickstock’s daughter Trevona.

In preparation for the event Pickstock expressed, “We encouraged persons to come out, bring their slime, and they would have the opportunity to present to everyone the creativity, consistency and the elasticity of their very own slime.”

Participants that wished to enter the competition were given the opportunity to create their very own, one of a kind slime on the spot. They were eligible to enter the competition at a minimal cost and competitors had to be five and older, in various categories, including ‘Mommy and Me,’ ‘Daddy and Me’ and ‘Sibling and Me.’
As the event was solely based for the enjoyment of the young ones, the judging team was spearheaded by children – Trevona Pickstock; her cousin, Donelle Wilson and Science teacher, Zinobia Mason.

What was just a vision turned reality proved to be a success, as the kids had an enjoyable experience, putting their creativity and imagination to the test, which resulted in two winners being crowned.

Breah Spence was named the first-place winner, while Jeniah and Jonathan McMinnis, brother and sister duo, snagged second place.

“The event was fully supported by all the vendors and it was successful, very successful. I want to thank our sponsors such as Forever Hair, Crowned by the Sisters, and all of the vendors that supported … the Disc Jockey, the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the DFBA for partnering with me to help make this event successful.”

Young Pickstock shared her excitement as it related to the competition, “I wanted to see other kids my age play with slime and make their own slime, instead of watching it on YouTube. I wanted to see what they would use; how creative they could be and how they could compete among others to see who the number one slime champ would be.”

She explained her inspiration for coming up with the idea of a Slime Off Competition, derived from watching a YouTube video by Karina Garcia.

The older Pickstock stated that there will be a continuation of the Slime Off Competition in the future, as she wishes to give other people a chance to come out and show off their creative skills.

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