Southern District residents expressing relief

Residents and business owners in the Southern District say they are watching Hurricane Jose’s path and will not remove their shutters until the storm clears the country.

Residences in the Southern District, including Pinder’s Point, Lewis Yard and Hunters - are still standing despite Tropical Storm winds experienced in Grand Bahama on Sunday, September 10 as a result of Hurricane Irma.

A team from The Freeport News travelled to the low lying areas prior to the storm where many residents, while ensuring that their homes were properly secured for whatever Irma might have brought; however, a number of homeowners did not intend to ride out the storm at home.

One resident, Anishka Rolle, speaking with this daily last Wednesday said she had no intention of moving out of her home with her kids and felt quite secure in her two-storey rental apartment.

Returning to the area on Tuesday afternoon, Rolle told The Freeport News’ team that she and her family fared well; however, her only concern was why power had yet to be restored.

She described how she and her kids made it through the storm. “It was OK, nothing happened to us, everything was good. My only issue is why the power is still off. We stayed home, there was just a lot of wind, the water was gushing but no surge, nothing happened to us on this side. Everybody was safe. I was able to cook and everything; everyone ate.”

As the complex in which she resides still has plywood securing the windows, like many residences throughout the community, Rolle said it is her belief that her landlord wants to keep them in place until the status of Hurricane Jose is determined.

But Rolle remains hopeful that the electricity will be restored in short order, as she claims the heat and mosquitoes have become unbearable over the past few days.

Another resident shared that she remained in her home in Lewis Yard, however, on Saturday (September 9) evening she and her family decided to weather the storm in Freeport.

She noted that when the family returned home there was no cause for concern, as the house was well prepared for the impact of the storm, as they took precautionary measures to secure the property. “There was no tidal surge, just a lot of wind. Our only problem now is that we are still without power, which went out on Sunday night.”

She revealed that she too kept the plywood on the windows until the projected path of Hurricane Jose becomes more concrete. “It all depends on what will happen with Jose; we do not really know, because we cannot watch the news right now as the power is still off. As soon as we know we will decide if we will stay boarded up or take them down.”

Other residents in the area agreed that they stayed throughout the entire storm, noting that there was no damage to their homes; however, like the rest of the island they endured wind and rain.

Ruth Russell, a resident who sustained major damage last year as a result of Hurricane Matthew, noted that she fared well during Irma’s passing.

Her son shared that he stayed during the storm; initially his mother and other family members relocated to Castaways Hotel, on Saturday night, to seek refuge. However after the path of the storm shifted, they returned home on Sunday morning. “Four of us stayed here during the passing. There was nothing here at all, just the wind. We have a new roof; it is strong now. I used to build roofs one time ago, so we put the roof back on ourselves last year.”

He noted that they are hopeful that the power will be restored soon, revealing that some parts of Pinder’s Point now have power, but they were still without.

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