SMPRJHS Boys’ Club seeks to empower and inspire young men

BOYS’ CLUB – Social Studies teacher Anthony Ferguson is committed to steering young men enrolled at Sister Mary Patricia Russell Junior High School in the right direction. As a result, Ferguson established the Boys’ Club, which held it first social event on Saturday, September 29. (PHOTO: TFN)

Social Studies teacher Anthony Ferguson is committed to steering young men enrolled at Sister Mary Patricia Russell Junior High School in the right direction.

Ferguson has been an educator at the local school for the past three years and during that time, he has formed a Boys’ Club, where, on a weekly basis, the young male students are welcomed to his classroom to engage in positive, inspiring conversation, encouraging them to become productive citizens in society.

On Saturday, September 29, Ferguson hosted a special Boys’ Club meeting, a social, where the young members were treated to a meet and greet of sorts and a delectable lunch.

“This is my third year here at the school and I decided to put together a Boys’ Club, to assist administration in overseeing the boys and for them (male students) to see that leadership and discipline are not bad. Discipline is not always about using a harsh tone; there are many forms of discipline.

“Once we have the Boys’ Club and we can empower our males as to who they are and what they are in society, it will cause them to become more positive and eventually, growing up to be better husbands, better fathers … and we will have a much better community. In turn, we will have less women being frustrated with delinquent males in our society.

“I decided to be the change that I want to see in our world. With God’s help I just want to do my very best,” noted the educator.

Questioned on how long the Boys’ Club has been in existence at the school, he responded, “This is my second year hosting the Boys’ Club on such a large scale. We had it last year, on a much smaller scale, as I was trying to feel my way in the programme, but this year I have received great support from my colleagues and the administration. So, we are on a much larger scale, this year.

“I am delighted about the programme, and we are looking to grow even more. I am hoping that other men in the community will partner with us, to be able to reach the boys. Some of them are angry, but they just really need someone to talk to and to empower them.

“Sometimes the homes that they are from … coming to Boys’ Club is the only avenue that they have to enjoy themselves and be children; however, at the same time they are learning to become men, because our theme is, ‘Today Children, Tomorrow Men.’

“Today I have 75 boys in attendance. I am very surprised to see so many turn out … so far so good.”

The session was Ferguson’s first Boys’ Club social for the new academic year. “We are planning on doing something each month with them, apart from our weekly Boys’ Club meetings, where we talk and invite persons in the community to come in and talk with them. This social is just for the boys to get together, talk and just be boys.”

The weekly Boys’ Club sessions, he explained, take place on the school grounds during their lunchtime recess.

“We invite various men within the community to come and share with them, just talk and be a blessing to the boys, imparting knowledge and pouring into the lives of our boys, to help our boys to lead positive lives in our country,” concluded Ferguson.

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