Smith receives Pilot Club of Lucaya’s scholarship

SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT – Destini Smith, (third from left) was recently named the 2020 Pilot Club of Lucaya Scholarship recipient. Pictured from left to right are Lorianne Patten-Dawkins, District Membership Coordinator and Past President, Pilot Club; Shandy King, President Elect, Pilot Club of Lucaya; Smith; Toni Hudson-Bannister, President, Pilot Club of Lucaya; Betty Smith, Past President, Pilot Club of Lucaya, and Karen Ferguson-Bain, Past President, Pilot Club of Lucaya. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Young Destini Smith has been chosen as this recipient of the Pilot Club of Lucaya’s (PCL) ongoing scholarship initiative.

The scholarship programme assists deserving students to further their education in the area of brain-related injuries and or disorders.

Smith, who has chosen the noble profession of nursing, said that she was grateful to be awarded this year’s scholarship from the civic club.

“This means so much to me. I am very honoured to receive this scholarship and I appreciate it very much. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Smith added that it is her intention to become a nurse, more specifically a midwife.

“I will be studying nursing and I plan to specialize in midwifery. I am planning to attend the University of The Bahamas in Nassau,” she revealed.

Smith said also that she would encourage others seeking assistance to further their education, to strive for excellence and never give up. Smith said: “Work hard and stay focused. If you really want it, pursue it.”

President of the Pilot Club of Lucaya Toni Hudson-Bannister explained that every year, the club recognizes a youth preparing to further studies that meets the platform requirements of Pilot International, which are brain-related disorders, or some form or nursing; something to aid those that have disabilities.

“We sent out the flyer, which had the information and criteria for the scholarship. We then offered te $1,000.00 scholarship grant to the best candidate, for the year. Ms. Destini Smith submitted an excellent essay and her qualifications were really of a high standard.

“She is also a former Anchor Club member, which is the youth arm of our organization and so, we know that they have a heart for service and a heart for helping others. It was indeed a pleasure to have her as a candidate, and, for us to render assistance to her in this way,” said Hudson-Bannister.

She noted that the Pilot Club of Lucaya’s Scholarship initiative was re-instated back in 2015. Since that time, the club has provided educational assistance to deserving students on an annual basis.

Pilot Club of Lucaya Immediate Past President, Betty Smith, who is also Destini’s mother said that she was extremely proud of her first-born daughter.

“I am very proud of Destini; to see her receive this award and actually live out her dream, her passion, most importantly. I believe that when kids live out their passion, they are happier, and, are able to help others to in turn, accomplish their goals.

“As she is my first daughter, I am elated to see her accomplish what she set her mind to do. She is an example and is leaving legacy behind for her other sisters,” said the excited mother.

Young Smith's experience in the Anchor Club was a big factor.

“Destini has been an Anchor Club member for six years and, I think, that speaks volumes. I am sure that the Pilot members who invested in her, for example persons like Keira Cox, Angela Burrows, Karen Ferguson-Bain, who re-established the scholarship programme, are proud Destini has come back and been awarded this scholarship.

“It's an honor for them that a member of their youth arm is now excelling in life. I am happy for her and I am hoping that other Anchors will apply for the ongoing scholarship that the club has to offer to them, and, other students on Grand Bahama,” said parent Smith.   

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